Helen Moore at CC 8 30 12

Elder Helen Moore of Keep the Vote No Takeover at council committee meeting Aug. 30, 2012.

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One Response to Helen Moore at CC 8 30 12

  1. Judy Bailey says:

    Good morning Ms.Moore my name is Judy Bailey. I can be reached at 313-926-9578 I have a special needs child in the 5th grade with Autism that attends DPS Gompers elementary. They are closing down the LD Self Contained program without notifying the parents of this decision. They are forcing our children to different school districts giving us 2 options to stay at Gompers and place our children in general education, or move our children out of the district to a lower level CI class class which will cause my son to regress enabling him not to meet his goals and objectives. My son is currently at a 2nd grade ASD level. I will not accept him being placed in a general education setting to be bullied, regress, intimidated, and not meet his goals. Its not fair to my child as well as the general education staff to deal with 30 to 35 general education students to deal with and expect them to try to meet the needs and resources of special needs students as well. I reaching out to you for help. I’ve contacted Kim Russell with 7 news, Chalkbeat.org, as well as ARC legal services to help our children. If I don’t speak up for my child’s education. Who will. I’m a concerned parent. I only have a couple of parent to fight with me please help us. Thank you in advance.

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