DWSD proposal to control our own destiny

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  1. Worris Dumas says:

    This take over has been in the making since John Engler Declaration of War on the fathers of Wayne County, he deemed Detroit as Ground Zero, the power abuse was in play. He boasted that the civil right organizations were impudent to stop him. Even when the DetNews tried to enlighten the People of the violations the political machine immediately put a stop to the article, even had it removed from the archives. The opinion from the Michigan Supreme Court only mentioned half truths, stated that Gender violations under the Equal Protection laws and intentionally omitted the Race factors which was driving him to violate The Constitution. And not to mention them both equally only empowered him to iniate his War plans. When was it legal for a state governor to declare war on its citizen? It was His Personal war and he made that clear. America? This power drunk governor iniated his war and the Bush administration did nothing,but why should he remember Detroit was Ground Zero. America went along with him, thus the creation of “The Deadbeat Dad”? the buzz word describing black man and his family of Ground Zero. Re:RIEND OF THE COURT REFORM
    hold on

    worris dumas

    to washingtonbure., me
    as most studies has shown that the only option is available to these fathers families is POVERTY. since president clinton tried to appease the republicans with Welfare reform, it was a sell out for mostly black families. PRWORA was gov. Engler’s declaration of War.on fathers of color in Wayne County, which is still going on by a democratic governor which is using his playbook. not caring about the domino effect that the City of Detroit and these citizens living here. the Dog Whistle politicans running the program can care less about the millions of dollars that is taken from the city and its people. the last income tax refund or any other tax refund, i received was in 1985. this includes any kind of Stimulus assistance was redirected to the MISDU. I’m sure I am not the only one that is being persecuted in this manner. check out the SOP of these FOC’s and the only way to bring attention to this travesty is by a class action suite. that is the only way to clean out this anti- family and anti-black system is to make them pay back the money illegally taken from these families. the detnews tried to bring awareness to the citizens but due to political pressure the story was removed from their archives, so as they can continue this operations under the radar. how many families are falling prey to this racial system? the only way to put them into sunlight is a class action, and I want my name to be at the top, that is, if a civil rights organization will get the intestial fortitude to expose this travesty.
    ACLU, NAACP, has been the watch dog on violations of civil rights by government. they are trying to appeal the PRWORA, ACLU had predicted that the Dog Whistle politicans would abuse it. Governor Engler knew he was violating our rights but he could care less Re: .
    Public Law Number 104-193
    110 STAT .2105
    42 USC 659a
    MCL 552.1101 – 552.1901
    i FURTHER CONTEND THAT THE PATERNITY ACT provision constituted impermissible gender based discrimination in violationof the Equal Protection Clauses of Michigan
    this was a warning from the Sup. Ct. of michigan of the illegal action. but Engler didn’t care,

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