Mac 2

Pastor Charles Williams II leads march as it takes off outside New Center McDonald’s May 10, 2013.

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  1. fred says:

    I posted a comment about supporting the fastfood workers and would like to be contacted re: story about U.A.W workers since 2006 we have been violated by our own protectors .
    the correct website is
    Thank You

    • Diane Bukowski says:

      Hi, this is Diane Bukowski. I have been in contact with one of your group and will be contacting another today. I understand a legal action must be filed by Monday. I am very interested in covering your story. I fully agree that the UAW leadership, which has virtually been sanctified in the progressive movement due to its support of some other causes, has failed with regard to its own members as well as with regard to its birthplaces in Detroit and Flint (no opposition of substance to EM takeovers) and to Michigan becoming a RTW state (no general strike). I’ll be in touch. Thanks for your comments, which I just approved (been a little busy lately).

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