Sabha, Tarhuna, Zawiyah, Gharyan and Ghadames re-taken; heavy fighting in Tripoli 

Jan. 5, 2011 

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I have what appears to be some good news from Libya.  But first, some comments: 

As you know, of course, it has been a while since I gave my “report” on Libya, and the reason should be obvious.  It has been extremely difficult to get any truthful and accurate news out of Libya.  During the eight months that I covered the Libyan struggle, the reports I was giving you were accurate, for the most part.  One way that you can believe that is by the fact that NATO’s aggression took “infinitely” longer than NATO had thought and predicted.  In fact, when every single residential dwelling in Sirte was being bombed by NATO, and the non-combatant citizens were being slaughtered, one NATO commander openly remarked, in the corporate news media, “I am astonished at their will to fight!” 

And, as you can easily recall, NATO kept pushing its “victory date” back.  At first they said it would be three days.  Then they said three weeks.  Then they said three months [I’m not sure what this “three” thing was all about].  They would take Brega, and the LDF would take it back.  They would take Ras Lanuf, and the LDF would take it back.  In time, NATO, at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, conducted a self-assessment of its Libya operations, and conclude that its prosecution of the war had been, “ineffective and pathetic.”  You will recall the DEBKAfile report that I sent you on that. 

Libyan green resistance

So, this should tell you that the “glowing” reports that I was sending you for most of those eight  months was accurate: The LDF and the people of Libya, fighters by nature and history, had shocked NATO and the entire world by forcing the most powerful military alliance in human history to spend nine months in a tooth-and-nail fight.  When NATO finally realized that it could not do it alone, it started recruiting Al-Qaeda fighters, European mercenaries, Afghani mercinaries, Qatar mercenaries, Paksitani mercenaries, and even mercenaries from Columbia, South America.  Without all of that help, NATO would have failed.  

Well, I cite the above as a prefix to the following short report.  The only difference with this report is that I can’t be as certain as I was during those eight months, concerning the information that I’m receiving.  Because as time progressed, NATO got total control of all communications, and that appears to be the case to this day.  Nevertheless, I will give you a little summary of what I have received.  And some of this might find support by one item that appeared in the New York Times today regarding Jalil, the so-call “head” of Libya.  Well, he openly told reporters, from Benghazi, that he is NOT safe in Tripoli, the capital; that The Resistance has killed 4 key people.  Well, the reports I’ve received show that there’s a lot going on that we aren’t hearing about in the corporate news media [as usual].  Libya lovers are hoping beyond hope that these reports are true.  

I have to repeat: I cannot have the same confidence in these reports that I had during the eight months that I was receiving direct and indirect information from Libya, before NATO finally cut off all flow of information.  But, since I’m not sure, I feel to present this information to you anyway.  I’ll present it in bullet-point fashion, not in any chronological manner: 

Green flag represents the Libyan socialist Jamahiriya

1. The Green Resistance has captured Ghaddams [a city ] near [the] Algerian border.  And the Green Flag of the Libyan Jamahiriya is flying throughout the entire area. 

2. It is now “confirmed” that the entire city of Sabha is Green [That is, is under the total control of the Libyan Jamahiriya]. The Green resistance is securing the Rest of entire Southern lands of Libya now. 

3. Very heavy fighting is occuring in Tripoli.  The Bani Walid Tribe has arrived in Tripoli and is supported by the People of Tripoli

4. The Bel haj Brigade [Al-Qaeda fighters] has retreated from the Gharyan Area.  They are heading back to Tripoli after losing a fight there.

5. There are large protests in Tunisia calling for the freedom of Mahmoud Bagdadi, the Prime Minister of the only true Libyan Government, the Jamahiriya. 

6. The Zintan Brigade fought against Bel haj brigade and against the [Khalifa] Hefter brigade. There have been shoot outs for last 2 nights in Tripoli [NOTE: There is confusion as to the true position of the Zintan Brigade, which, currently, is holding Saif al-Islam, a son of Muammar Gaddafi’s, under arrest.  It is not really known whether Zintan has “gone Green,” or is simply fighting to get a slice of a new Libyan pie.  Some observers claim that Saif has convinced the Zintan brigade to “go Green.”  They cite as their “evidence” the fact that the Zintanis have steadfastly refused to hand Saif over to the new, so-called government authorities.  If this is true, then this is very, very significant.  Because NOBODY–not even Al-Qaeda–wants to tangle with the Zintanis, if they can help it.  They are very, very heavily armed.  There is a video showing the “captured” Saif, STRONGLY talking to Zintanis, in a living room, as they all sat around at his feet.  This is what is confusing, except if you consider the fact that the Zintanis are typical desert people, NOT murderous Al-Qaeda members, and they have desert hospitality culture.  So, either the Zintanis were simply being “desert courteous,” or Saif, as T-West of Afrisynergy believes, has convinced the Zintanis to “go Green.”  I have NO idea what the real situation is, I’m sorry to say]. 

7.  The city of Zawiyah has gone green totally, and the Green Flag has been flying in all parts of the city now for 2 days. The militias met with the Green Resistance at Zawiyah [NOTE: I do not know what it means that “the militias met” with the Green Resistance.  In the past, the term “militias” had referred to anti-Gaddafi Libyan fighters.  If that is still the case, then what this report means is that those anti-Gaddafi militias have gone Green.  But, I cannot be sure of that, because I am not really certain how the term “militias” is being used.  Terminology is changing in Libya, and it can be difficult to know what is going on.  Some believe that this change of terminology is a purposeful tactic being employed by the Green Resistance in order to keep NATO and the traitors off balance.  

8. Sabha, Tarhuna, Zawiyah, Gharyan and Ghadames are all 100% Green now. Green flags are flying in all parts of those cities

Now, below is information that I received from T-West, in the form of personal emails: 

EMAIL 1: “The resistance continues in Libya. Overall, it’s getting worse for the NTC [National Transitional Council] and better for the Green Resistance. Reports continue to indicate that… In time, the world will know. More later.”

EMAIL 2: “What you have listed here concurs with the reports I have been getting for several days. I have always been certain that the NTC will lose. You have thousands of Libyans living abroad who are not receiving money they are accustom[ed] to receiving from the Libyan government. That means not only people in Libya are fighting against the NTC, but an increasing number in the Diaspora are also finding ways to fight them.

“I give it a few weeks to a few months before it is announced that the NTC is in hiding and others are dead.”

EMAIL 3: “The NTC gangs have a limited short life. The Libyan people will clean them out quickly, and this is what Jalil [the traitor-“leader” of Libya] is concerned about and is why we saw his words in the New York Times today speaking from Benghazi about the four rats [traitors] killed by the [Green] Libyan Liberation in Tripoli. He’s in Benghazi because Tripoli is a death trap for him.”  [NOTE: The significance of this, of course is that Tripoli is the capital of Libya.  But Jalil has never been able to permanently move to Tripoli, due to fear for his life, because the situation in Tripoli is NOT totally under his control]. 

EMAIL 4: “There is not enough security in Libya to effectively pump the amount of oil these devils [Western corporatists and politicians] would like to steal. As I said from the beginning, we will not always have Muammar Gaddafi but NATO will lose in Libya, and that’s happening right now. Gaddafi is in the hearts and minds of the people, and that is something bombs will never win against.” [NOTE: Privately, T-West is of the opinion that Muammar might still be alive.  That would not be surprising, in this world]. 

EMAIL 5:  “Libya is a country of at least 7 million people. 7,000 being hidden away in jail is somewhat easy to conceal for a while but not for too long. Even so, most of these people come from one area, Tawergha. This is not representative of most of Libya. The NTC is in very serious trouble. You have some who fought with them and even members of the NTC leadership who don’t like Qatar’s military being in the country and will fight each other about that. Without Qatar’s forces, Libya’s liberation forces will quickly get rid of the NTC and the gangs in Libya. Even with Qatar’s presence victory is assured, it will just take a bit longer.” 

The only reason I have contact you with this report is that this is all relatively new information, although it has always been known that The Green Resistance would fight on. 

Unfortunately, as I’m sure you all know, the bigger problem this year is what appears to be shaping up as the Third World War.  We can do nothing but pray. Peace, Dennis

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