Juror B29 Says Zimmerman “Got Away with Murder,” Intensifying Scrutiny of Prosecution & Florida Laws


July 26, 2013

Juror B-29: Maddy

Juror B-29: Maddy

The only person of color on the all-female jury that voted to acquit George Zimmerman expressed anguish over trial’s outcome in her first interview since the trial. Speaking to ABC, the 36-year-old mother of eight who is of Puerto Rican descent said she believes Zimmerman “got away with murder” for killing Trayvon Martin, and claimed she shares the grief of his mother. Identifying herself only by her first name, “Maddy,” the juror explained her “not guilty” vote by saying the “Stand Your Ground” law was in conflict with her heart, forcing her to let Zimmerman walk free despite believing he was culpable. “It is hurtful as a lawyer for someone to say ‘I fought until the end,'” says Seema Iyer, an attorney specializing in constitutional, criminal and civil rights law who followed the Zimmerman trial closely. “No, she didn’t — if she had fought until the end, we would’ve had a hung jury.”

Full transcript of interview at Democracy Now interview with Juror 29 transcript.

MICHELLE ALEXANDER: “Zimmerman Mindset” Endangers Young Black Lives with Poverty, Prison & Murder

Michelle Alexander, Author of "The New Jim Crow."

Michelle Alexander, Author of “The New Jim Crow.”

“Justice for Trayvon” protests are planned in more than 100 cities this weekend as activists seek federal charges against George Zimmerman and the repeal of “Stand Your Ground” laws in Florida and dozens of other states. We speak with Michelle Alexander, a law professor at Ohio State University and author of the best-selling book, “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness.” Alexander says the biases that led to Martin’s death and let his killer go free are deeply embedded in U.S. society and in the criminal justice system itself: “The [Zimmerman mindset] that views black men and boys as a perpetual problem to be dealt with has infected our criminal justice system, infected our schools, has infected our politics in ways that have had disastrous consequences, birthing a prison system unprecedented in world history, and stripping millions of people of basic civil and human rights once they have been branded criminals and felons. It’s this mindset that some of us, defined largely by race and class, are unworthy of our basic care and concern and can be dealt with harshly, written off with impunity.”

Transcript of Democracy Now Michelle Alexander interview

Cornel West: Obama’s Response to Trayvon Martin Case Belies Failure to Challenge “New Jim Crow”

President Barack Obama speaking on Trayvon Martin case.

President Barack Obama speaking on Trayvon Martin case.

For a response to President Obama’s comments on the acquittal of George Zimmerman and racism in the United States, we’re joined by Dr. Cornel West, professor at Union Theological Seminary and author of numerous books. On Obama’s remarks comparing himself to Trayvon Martin, West says: “Will that identification hide and conceal the fact there’s a criminal justice system in place that has nearly destroyed two generations of precious, poor black and brown brothers? [Obama] hasn’t said a word until now — five years in office and can’t say a word about a ‘new Jim Crow.’ … Obama and [Attorney General Eric] Holder — will they come through at the federal level for Trayvon Martin? We hope so — [but] don’t hold your breath. There’s going to be many people who say, ‘We see this president is not serious about the criminalizing of poor people.'”

Transcript of Democracy Now interview with Cornel West

Sanford Justice for Trayvon march

Published on Jul 22, 2013

(Video sent to VOD by Kenny Snodgrass)

Trayvon Martin with dad Tracy Martin.

Trayvon Martin with dad Tracy Martin.

The people of Sanford, FL marched for justice in the name of Trayvon along with cities across the country.

The Dream Defenders are calling on Floridians to call Gov. Rick Scott’s office @ 850.488.7146 and leave a message with these 2 demands:

1. Call for Special Session & look at the Trayvon Martin Civil Bill of Rights.

2. We demand our Floridians’ lives be valued NOW!

Trayvon rallies 100 cities

Trayvon Martin rallies took place in 101 cities across the country July 22.


Detroit T-shirts use this image, only in red and white on black, and declare "Justice for Trayvon Martin."

Detroit T-shirts use this image, only in red and white on black, and declare “Justice for Trayvon Martin.”

VOD spotted several Detroit youth selling “Justice for Trayvon Martin” T-shirts at 7 Mile and Greenfield July 26, for only $10. The high-quality T-shirts are black with a red and white Trayvon Martin photo on the front, which declares “Justice for Travyon Martin.” On the back is the slogan: “We are all Trayvon! The Whole Damn System is Guilty!” with a silhouette of Trayvon in a hoodie in gray and white. If anyone knows how to contact the youth selling these shirts, please let VOD know. I wish I had stopped and gotten their contact information. Whether it was their own enterprise or part of a larger Trayvon Martin effort, they are to be commended for transmitting the message at prices our youth can afford.

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