Southern state rejects Moore’s support of slavery as well as his attacks on women

During slavery, sexual assaults on women, especially Black women, were hailed as part of white supremacy


VOD Staff Writer

December 14, 2017

Cortez Davis-El

Tuesday December 12, 2017 marks a very important and historical moment in America’s Democracy. Why was the special election in Alabama so important and what does it mean for the rest of the country?

Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore was accused of sexually assaulting at least two young girls years ago as an Alabama District Attorney. In spite of these allegations Roy Moore continued to pursue a seat in the U.S. Senate.

One of the things that people in the urban communities were frowning upon aside from the sexual allegations are the remarks made by Moore that America was at it’s greatest during the time of slavery.

During that dark period in our history, sexual assaults were common practices among the so called elite, women did not have a voice, and bigotry was readily accepted. Those times are meant to be a thing of the past and the citizens of Alabama, the fifth most Republican state in the Union rejected the back peddling offered by Moore.

The rejection of Moore is an important move because Alabama rejected making Americans that find love with people of the same gender live in fear of prosecution.

Alabama rejected the notion that Muslims should not be allowed the privilege of holding office simply due to the fact that they can’t be sworn in with a Christian Bible.

Failed Senate candidate Roy Moore

A rejection of Judge Roy Moore was a rejection of the government making decisions that affects a woman’s right to choose what is right for her without fear of persecution from people that want to control her body. Nothing in this world is more important than women and children and Alabama has made that abundantly clear. No matter who the woman or child is, they should always feel the safest when there are men around.

If you are trying to relive the moments when America was at it’s greatest, then it is time for us to go back to the time when men protected and defended the honor of women and children. If there was never a time when America did that, then maybe it’s time to create that environment and teach the young boys how to be men that are respectful of women.

Now that Alabama has rejected so much with the electing of a Democrat for the first time in two and a half decades, the rest of the country should follow that example in the 2018 mid-term election. Everyone that is in office that supported a candidate that was accused of sexually assaulting a woman or child should meet the same fate as Judge Roy Moore.

America should make it crystal clear that sexual abuse will not be tolerated in our society or in our elected officials. If you are a supporter of someone like Moore or Trump and you defend them by shaming their accusers, then speaking for the people is something that you are not qualified to do. You should be repealed and replaced with someone that will not tolerate sexual assaults nor side with the abusers. This was truly an election for women and with any luck, the rest of America will follow the example in 2018.

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