To Virg Bernero: Fire Robert Bobb

Charter schools CEO Doug Ross, Skillman CEO Carol Goss, DPS EFM Robert Bobb

Helen Moore letter to gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero protesting Dems’ blocking of 14th District resolution at convention

Aug. 29, 2010

Dear Mr. Bernero:

I am the convention delegate who was persistent at the microphone during the Democratic Convention.  From what I have been told, you are a very caring man.  I am writing to you to request a meeting concerning the disrespect and the lack of integrity on the part of Mr. Mike Brewer.  For months Mr. Brewer has been attempting to block the resolution submitted by the Fourteenth District pertaining to the firing of the Emergency Manager of the Detroit Public Schools, Mr. Robert Bobb. We learned that the resolution that was submitted on time by Carol Conway to Mr. Brewer had mysteriously disappeared.  No one could find it.  After questioning Mr. Brewer, he said he never got it. Carol Conway said he did.  We are asking for an investigation of this matter and we need your help if we are to move forward together to keep our Detroit voters working for the Democratic ticket.  We need to meet as soon as possible.  Please let us know when.

 In order to stop the deficit from increasing; the firing of entire unions; outsourcing; hiring of his friends; closing of schools; no bid contracts to companies headquartered outside of Michigan and even as far away as Europe; taking over academics and the entire school system resulting in a lawsuit filed by the Detroit Board of Education to gain back the control of academics, we decided to present a resolution pertaining to these issues to the Democratic Party with true facts to counteract the wrong information disseminated by the news media which was actively promoting Mr. Bobb.  The resolution  was presented in April to the Fourteenth District and the delegates voted unanimously in favor of presenting it to the State Central Committee. 

Helen Moore, delegate

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  • By Ann Taylor, September 10, 2010 @ 9:46 am

    If active citizens cannot access the system through its own bylaws and rules what’s the purpose having the Democratic Convention; other than to promote a “dog and pony” show fulfilling a requirement, but not really being of, by and FOR the people? A heart felt thank you to Ms. Moore for attempting to make the system accountable. Mr. Bernaro we need your response?

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