Compuware CEO Peter Karmanos, who bought downtown blocks for $1 each, Skillman Foundation CEO Carol Goss, who heads efforts to take control of Detroit schools and neighborhoods, and Mayor Dave Bing

Release from Hood Research, a sponsor of Recall Dave Bing petition drive   Bing has plans for Gentrification 

 Mayor Dave Bing has failed to put the residents of Detroit first in any of his decisions and plans since becoming mayor of Detroit. It’s worse that now his plan is too gentrify the people he promised to help when he ran for mayor. He’s called it downsizing. But this is deceiving. State law prohibits annexing Detroit property against the will and vote of Detroiters. There will be no shrinking of Detroit. However Bing has begun to use funds to move residents outside of Detroit, this at a time when the census count is critical. Gentrification did not begin until the 1960’s, part of the urban renewal projects. These projects have been proven to have failed and were severely hurtful to those they were supposed to help. They were a lie and Bing is now lying about his intentions to help Detroit residents.
Bing isn’t planning on creating jobs

Dave Bing promised to create jobs in Detroit instead all he has done is reduce city workers. His supporters claimed that due to his business experience he was the only candidate who could create jobs in the city. This has been exposed as a lie. Not a single statement or plan out of Bing’s office has been in regards to creating jobs for Detroit residents. A city with a very high unemployment rate needs jobs. The result, tax incentives to have suburban jobs moved into downtown Detroit. First this hurts those suburban communities. Second, the benefits to Detroit are non-existent. This does not create more tax revenue and the people of Detroit still hurt from unemployment. What’s worse is his business reputation is less than earlier reported. He is being sued by at least 69 companies. Then while the city looks to sue the former owners of Seldom Blues, they grant Bing an extension of the loans he owes the city. Does the city expect to be covered if Bing is dodging his creditors?
Bing’s Irrational Decisions

 Bing has admitted to not having any idea of how to deal with public safety. He bungles the hiring and firing of police chiefs and has yet to make any plans or announcements on open issues regarding the Detroit Police Department. 

Bing claimed he was going to shut down city parks. This is impossible as Bing would have spent more money to close a park than it takes to run a park. Bing’s choice to hold hostage parks shows his contempt for residents. 

Bing borrowed money to cover the city’s annual budget. This is a mortgage on Detroit’s future. Instead of reducing waste and reducing his own staff’s budget, Bing takes out a loan. There is plenty of money in Detroit. The Downtown Development Agencies have dedicated revenue and resources which should be used for the entire city instead of just downtown. With the economic climate, Bing seeks to allow those to suffer who least can afford to help themselves, all the while artificially inflating the downtown office market. 

Bing sought to take over the Detroit Public Schools. It was well publicized that while supporters attempted to push council approval, Bing only worked on support behind the scenes. Bing sought to gain control over the multi-billion dollar school budget. He had no plan for academics. He holds contempt for other elected officials, such as the school board. Bing would not stand out front as a leader and had staffers issue statements. 

Bing is trying to take away and give away Detroit workers’ pensions. Bing wants to hand control over to a the Municipal Employees Retirement System (MERS), a Lansing-based board that is less capable than the existing boards at administrating the pension funds. The end result will be an eventual end and elimination of money available to those who have earned their pensions. 

Dave Bing has failed as a leader. 

Dave Bing does not have a plan to help Detroit. 

Dave Bing has initiated actions that have hurt this city

Detroit cannot wait for the remainder of his term to see an end to his destructive practices

Detroit deserves immediate relief. Detroit needs to get recall Dave Bing.

If you would like to volunteer please contact Theo Broughton, 313.491.8315
Also by email, Carl Williams
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