Taser Death: Michael Ford of Livonia, Aug. 24


Michael Ford

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Michael Ford,50, had been on life support since police used a taser on him back on August 14. He died on August 26 when his family consented to having him removed from life support.

Here is the story according to the Livonia Police department:

According to the issued statement, police were called to the 20000 block of Purlingbrook on a report of a disturbance about 11 p.m. Aug. 13. A man was playing loud music from his vehicle and nearly struck another car.  An unidentified officer spoke to an intoxicated man, identified as Ford, who was told to go back into his apartment because the complainant was not located.

About two hours later, at 1 a.m. Aug. 14, Livonia Police were called again to the same place on another report of loud music in the parking lot.

This time he was holding what appeared to be two knives, one in each hand, he was yelling and approaching the scout car. The officer retreated and awaited a back-up officer. When that officer arrived they approached Mr. Ford and ordered him to the ground as they had reason to believe he may still be armed,” the police statement said.

When Ford refused to comply, an unidentified Livonia officer deployed the Taser. Ford fell and hit his head, police said.

Ford’s cousin Ewayne Harrell said Ford had more injuries than falling and hitting his head after being jolted by a taser gun.

“(The police) beat him up. He had a ruptured spleen, a cracked pelvis and cracks in the front and back of his head. I don’t see how you can get all that from a Taser,” he said.

Harrell also disputed police statements made Tuesday, saying Ford did not have a knife and “was not on drugs.”

An investigator’s report is being reviewed and independently investigated by the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office. The unidentified officer who electrocuted Mr. Ford is on desk duty until the investigation is complete.

(Ed. note: both the Oakland County and Washtenaw County Medical Examiners’ offices have refused to release copies of autopsy reports on Michael Ford and Stanley Jackson, Jr. requested by the VOICE OF DETROIT claiming the autopsies are “incomplete.”)

Michael Ford, 51, died after being tasered by Livonia cops

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  1. Joshua Ford says:

    Any follow up information on this story?

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