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By Dr. Publico, May 2, 2011 The American Tribune

Breaking News [1]alerts us that Osama bin Laden has been killed.  There’s very little in the way of analysis in the nation’s corporate media, but I guess that’s to be expected.  There’s always more to the story…

I suppose it’s fitting that the CIA reportedly had a direct hand in the military apprehension of Osama; they helped create him in the first place.

 Osama bin Laden [3](54) was born in 1957 in Saudi Arabia (bin Laden means “son of Laden”) to one of the world’s wealthiest families.  His father, Mohammed [4](1908-’67) was originally from Yemen, built a construction business and came into favor of the Saudi royal family.

 Today, the Saudi Binladen Group [5]is a multi-$billion construction and holding empire with operations all over the world.  Among close business connections are Bush and Carlyle, Inc., Cheney and Halliburton, Inc., etc.

In 1979, Osama—a fundamentalist Wahhabi [6]—traveled to Afganistan to fight the Soviets.  He opposed all forms of pan-Arabism, socialism and democracy.  He was dedicated to biblical Sharia law [7]thru violent jihadism [8].

Under the Reagan Doctrine [9], the CIA sponsored and supplied arms, training and financial aid to these Mujahideen as “freedom fighters” against Soviet expansion. 

Women in Afghanistan under the U.S. supported Taliban; they were forbidden to read, work outside the home, etc.

 Osama was a central conduit for paying jihadists from around the world to travel to Afghanistan, dealing with the CIA-Pakistani bureaucracy (he had a degree in economics and business administration), and establishing CIA-staffed training camps.

But Osama also had his own agenda, building a separate faction loyal to him and his Wahhabi vision: To wage worldwide jihad after the Soviet defeat.  He was building Al Queda (“the base”) by 1988.  When the Soviets left in 1989, Osama and his force returned to Saudi Arabia.  (An estimated 70-to-80% were Saudis.)

General David Patraeus greets President Barack Obama in Iraq

Pan-Arabist Iraq invaded Kuwait in August of 1990.  The Saudi royal family welcomed US forces as they bordered on both nations.  Osama opposed this sacrilegious violation of Saudi soil and turned to terror ops.  He was banished by the Saudis and fled to the Sudan.

Conducting his terror campaign from there, he was forced to leave in 1996.  With the aid of the Taliban, the Pakistani ISI [11], and other allies, he reestablished Mujahideen training bases.  From there, he trained and exported Al Queda cadre creating terror cells throughout the world.

 These forces were built mostly independent.  While Al Queda central would call for strategic operations for various causes, the tactical when-and-where were decided by the individual groups.  Yet, Osama primarily relied on his own inner cadres [12]

USS Cole

To wit:  Jun ‘96, The Khobar Towers, 19 Americans killed by 4 Saudi jihadists; Aug ’98, Nairobi Embassy, 12 Americans killed by 14 jihadists (13 Saudis); Oct ’00, USS Cole, 17 Americans killed by 2 Saudis; Sep ’01, WTC Towers+, 2,977 total killed by 19 jihadists (15 Saudis); May ’03, Riyadh compound, 9 Americans killed by 9 Saudis; and Dec ‘2004, Mosul mess tent, 18 Americans killed by 1 Saudi.

While the politicians and the corporate media cooperate in downplaying the terror connections of their business and state allies, the reality is otherwise.


The first response of Bush & Cheney to the 9/11 attack was to shut down all civilian air traffic—all but the Saudi/bin Laden family [14]flights out of America, while forbidding the FBI [15]to interrogate them, or even check the names on their manifest. 

It’s kind of like the old joke of, “Why didn’t the shark attack the lawyer in the water?”  Professional courtesy.

   Nevertheless, good riddance to Osama bin Laden. 

Iraqi father with dead daughter: collateral damage

Now:  When are we going to stop all the “collateral damage”?

   When are we going to put the corporate genie back in the bottle?

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2 Responses to OSAMA BIN LADEN–RIP…

  1. Debra Taylor says:

    Thanks for the chronology on Bin Laden. I found the actions of Bush regarding flights out of the country during “911” very interesting and telling. It’s not what is said that is as important as what is done! Keep up the good work Ms. Bukowski! You are to be commended! We need your voice, PBS and other independent sources in order to come up with our won analysis!

  2. Fige Bornu says:

    The white supremacy and Arab supremacy programs have and are working to destroy Black/Nubian people worldwide. Thus, Bin Laden’s department is good. Now, let’s work on destroying both systems.

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