From the Justice for Aiyana Jones Committee (JAJC)


  • Gross mismanagement
  • Lack of oversight
  • Passing the buck

Pros. Kym Worthy asks City Council for money for her own crime lab investigation, May 11, 2009; thousands of prisoners are still waiting for their cases to be reviewed; Worthy's office has said it destroyed all of its files prior to 1995

Sounds familiar?  The Justice for Aiyana Jones Committee (JAJC) views the Detroit Police Department Crime Lab debacle as a reflection of the worst aspects that occurred in the Aiyana Jones murder case.   In her public role, Kym Worthy is becoming the Lady Macbeth of Wayne County.  Just like Lady Macbeth tried to minimize the crimes of her famous husband, Kym Worthy is seeking to minimize the problems endemic inside the Detroit Police Department. 

But, just as Banquo’s Ghost returned to haunt the house of Lady Macbeth, so too does Aiyana Jones keep returning from the grave to plead for justice.  Lady Macbeth could not wash her hands clean of her misdeeds, and neither can Kym Worthy wash her hands clean of the responsibility for not providing justice for Aiyana Jones. 

Rodrick Carrington, Lamar Grable, Darren Miller, victims of serial killer cop Eugene Brown

JAJC spokesperson, Roland Lawrence aka Fige Bornu says,  “The negligent and/or intentional soiling of invaluable materials and evidence at the unattended and closed Detroit Crime Lab is equivalent with the too, too many downgrades of quality standards that have produced the police killing deaths of Aiyana Jones, Lamar Grable, Malice Green and many otherWhen asked about Kym Worthy as Lady Macbeth of Wayne County, Lawrence replied, “Wasn’t she the queen that couldn’t sleep because she was wracked with guilt? While I hope Kym Worthy can sleep at night, I don’t see how she can, knowing that there is no justice for Aiyana Jones.”

 (The Justice for Aiyana Jones Committee was formed to combat the Wayne County Prosecutor’s suspicious and obvious refusal to charge Detroit Police Officer Joe Weekley, and the A & E cable program, The Next 48 Hours, with responsibility for the death of 7-year old Aiyana Jones during a filmed police raid at her home on May 16, 2010.   JAJC is made up of community activists from around the world and recently held an aerial protest on the one-year anniversary murder of Aiyana Jones that included a plane that carried a banner that read “Justice for Aiyana Jones” over the home where she was killed to the offices of Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy). 

To contact the Committee, call  (313) 989-8850.

Aiyana Jones

Malice Green

defenseless Detroiters.”  Lawrence goes on to explain that this has created a climate that allows media pundits close to the Bing and previous administrations to spin these tragedies in order to downplay their culpability.  The only good that might come out of all of this is that the community will have a chance to start anew as all of these players, regardless of their rank, status and history, are shown the door.

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