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First, some audio, wherein Cynthia McKinney describes what it’s like to be in a city that is under heavy US/NATO bombing (she said she counted 89 explosions yesterday!)

Interview with Cynthia McKinney in Tripoli, Libya, as aired on Wakeup Call with Esther Armah, WBAI-FM, NYC, June 8, 2011 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuRHU6S1xzYF

Libyan rebels guard Black Libyans accused of supporting Qaddafi

Former Congresswoman McKinney describes, among other matters, how the racist CIA-backed Libyan rebels are targeting and killing Black Libyans in particular for supporting Muammar Qaddafi.

Wayne Madsen gives further deatils of the bombardment in an excerpt from his blog at www.waynemadsenreport.com

TRIPOLI – Tonight we are seeing the heaviest NATO strikes in three days of being in Tripoli. Although military targets are being hit, it is a matter of time before we see the takeout of infrastructure targets as was done in Belgrade and later, in Baghdad. Libyan state TV is still on the air (I did an interview there last night that has resulted in strangers coming up to me and thanking me for reporting the truth about what is happening in Libya). Internet still works and the lights are still on. However, AT&T, T Mobile, and Verizon have severed all cell phone links with Libya. The world must know that the real criminals in Libya are the rebel leaders who are handing over their country to the Western powers, western oil companies, and the global bankers who have been chewing on the carcasses of Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Iceland and other nations and are now baring their fangs for a big feast on Libya.

Also from Wayne’s blog, a little historical context for US/NATO operations under the last Democratic president:

From Silvija (Diaspora)

The same western elites vultures started the dog fight and chewed up Yugoslavia, Wayne, as you know. American bombs feel different than regular war, don’t they?

Regular war is snipers, bullets, a bunch of mortars. American wars are a comprehensive mind-boggling bombing runs pounding everything to dust if you ever sit under such an event. I sat under 10 days of endless American bombs in 1995 when Clinton launched a covert giant war with massive air strikes already in 1995 – a year before the NATO war he fought and admitted fighting there – he still says he did not fight that particular war as he did not have sex with that woman and he never inhaled, either.

Civilian refugees killed by U.S. bombs in Kosovo

During that big 1995 war that was never even reported in US media, the US bombed the Serbs out of Croatia and Bosnia in while Yeltsin was in the hospital with a heart attack and could not help the Serbs and while the world MSM attention was focused on that week’s 50th anniversary of the Hiroshima event. Massive US bombing all around us – y’all got some big loud dramatic bombs, I saw and heard them and got sick of my grandma’s basement stay for so long. Same thing – western elites had converged on YU, got everybody fighting with implanted external rebels, plus real local hotheads funded and armed by the US, US arming and directing Croatia HV and Bosnia HVO, bin Laden also deployed to Sarajevo ‘burbs to stir that up, Soros doing psyops and the US bombing us overhead. They are efficient at breaking up countries. Same M.O. as in Libya now.

Video of Cynthia and her travel mates visiting victims of the bombing in Tripoli is running in a 40 minute loop at www.WBAIX.org

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