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  1. Lisa Ortiz says:

    I wish I could have attended the rally. I heard about it from my husband, who is incarcerated. Sounds like there may be some fruit that has come from all of your work!

    What is funny! Is that as soon as my mother in-law had gotten back from a missions trip in Africa, we were going to attempt to the very thing that you all did!

    Thank you,

    Lisa Ortiz

    Please keep me abreast of anything else you will be doing in the future!

    Please keep me informed.

  2. 7/12/11 Lansing event is still ON to demonstrate high interest in fair prison phone rates for families

    With recent legislation pushing the issue through, our efforts have been noticed. However, while this news is excellent and hopeful, it is not final. It is now at the hands of the Governor and we are aware that this is where we need to remain active.

    At this time, we have not cancelled our protest we are simply including the Governor’s location as we family members previously discussed. While the issue may not be in the hands of the DOC and more so now in the Governor’s hands, the fact remains that the issue was predicated on the actions of the DOC to begin with. With all due respect, I believe that whether we continue gathering at the DOC location, and/or the Governor’s location, our actions could still be just as effective in letting the Governor, the DOC and the public know that this issue is still important to all of us.

    Equally important, I speak on behalf of thousands of family members who certainly appreciate all that has been done thus far in hearing our voices and making positive changes. I am notifying the family members of the importance in including the Governor’s office in our efforts.

    If for some reason the bill does get signed by the Governor before 10 am tomorrow, we will take advantage of our gathering of family members and change the protest to that of an educational nature, a celebration of change and an opportunity to show our gratitude to those, including the Governor who have helped make this change happen.


    Cathryn Johnson-Bachus

  3. Never give up, and always stay involved! It is amazing what can change can occur when “small people move in big ways!”

  4. Lore' Loretta Sue phillips says:

    you might as well create a prison community. I believe people in prison are seeking a different world than what they live,though do not know how to create their own world in a Tactful, lawful,justice,manner. If prisoners will have phones,computers,you might as well create it like a community.

    they only thing that really works in enforcement is boundaries. Boundaries WORK!!!!!
    put a prisoner in a communitie(s) and give them boundaires.?

  5. Hello! My husband is incarcerated @ the Carson City Correctional Facility in Carson City, MI. I will not be able to be present at the rally protest in Lansing in opposition of the new phone system. But I totally agree with you 110% regarding it. It has affected my family as well. I was orginally set up with Correctional Billing Service/Securist at the rate of 12 cents a minute = $1.91 for 15 minutes. Then the correctional facility switched over the phone systems WITHOUT acknowledging the family of the change. Or warning them that a change was going to take place. I’m now being charged 20 cents a minute = $3.00 or 15 minutes. And the company is called PCS Daily Dial. But the whole thing is a daily ripoff!

    I was so angry and appalled when my husband called me rushing to talk with the 1 courtesy call that he was allowed to make to me, trying to explain what was happening. And for days I was upset and downtrodden. I am so tired of going through B.S. with the state correctional facilities and prison system. It’s not enough that they treat our loved ones like trash. Like they are nothing. We their families, have to endure negative behavior from them when visiting going through degrading stuff. It’s enough to want to break away from all of it! I hate the prison system of Mich and what it stands for. It’s designed to keep outside support from getting to the prisoners Its just like a slavery plantation. And as bad as I don’t want any part of it anymore, I have to remain true because my husband is behind those prison walls. And if I walk away from him, then he will have no one!!
    I’m struggling to make it out here as it is. And its hard. I was barely able to maintain the calling system fees when it was $1.91 for 15 minutes! I don’t see how I’m going to be able to maintain $3.00 for the same amount of time with a different company.

    The state of michigan is wrong to even allow the prisons to impose this upon the families and friends of people who are incarcerated. I’m low income right now. Working part time. And this hurts. I haven’t seen my husband in 3 years because he was transferred from Ryan Correctional on Md road in Detroit to facilities way up North. It is virtually impossible for me to visit him way up North. And now the state is imposing this extra money for the phone hike?? The phone is the main life line connection that I have to my husband. They want to charge more for even that! It’s ridiculous. Flat out!!

    No! I cannot attend the rally, but Lord knows you have my support and prayers all the way!! I pray that justice will be served on the behalfs of the inmates families and friends!

    God Bless you! And I will be doing my very best to keep track of where we are in this fight.

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