Maryanne Godboldo speaks at rally July 17

CPS victims statewide and national group show up July 17

 By Diane Bukowski

July 22, 2011 

DETROIT – Dozens of mothers and others who have lost their children to Michigan’s Child Protective Services showed up to speak out at a rally for Maryanne Godboldo July 17, held at the Little Rock Community Center on Woodward. They included members of the national organization, 

Two others who lost children to the state: Safonia Kent and Deborah Williams

A Special Response Team with armored cars and assault weapons took Godboldo’s daughter Ariana, 13 on Mar. 24 after she refused them entry to her home, when they told her they had left court papers in their cars. She faces multiple charges of     , and is scheduled for a preliminary exam Monday, July 25, promptly at 8:30 a.m., in front of 36th District Court Judge Ronald Giles. 

The Justice4Maryanne coalition is calling on her supporters to pack the courtroom. Her attorneys have moved to exclude the court order in the case as faulty. 

Maryanne's sister Penny Godboldo, a master dance teacher (r), performing "Testify" at rally

“My daughter is going through a very difficult time right now,” Godboldo, who was close to tears, said. “She should not have to do this, but she is a very strong little girl.” Ariana was held against hers, her family’s, and her doctors’ wills at the Hawthorne Psychiatric Hospital for   weeks until a juvenile court judge finally ordered her release, and placement in the home of her aunt Penny Godboldo, with full visitation rights for her mother and father. 

Godboldo’s criminal defense attorney, Allison Folmar, said Ariana was medicated not only with Risperdal, the dangerous psychotropic drug her mother was trying to keep her off of, but with three other strong drugs while held at Hawthorn. 

Attorney Allison Folmar

Folmar said Godboldo has a team of six attorneys to help her fight on the two fronts involved: to regain custody of Ariana, and to have the criminal charges dropped. They are herself, Wanda Evans, Roger Farinha, Adam Shakoor (formerly Deputy Mayor of Detroit under Coleman Young), Byron Pitts (son of Cornelius Pitts), and Jim Bashid. 

“These attorneys are very well educated in both family and criminal law,” Folmar said. “You have a right to notification before CPS and DPD kick down your door to take your kids away. Case law says that police cannot simply rely on what appears to be a valid order, but must check to see if it’s legitimate. There were gaping holes, blanks and inconsistencies in the court order CPS used to take Ariana. This should shake the conscience of everyone.” 

She said this type of activity is common now, but that “it can only continue to happen if we let it. Maryanne did not choose this fight. God has chosen her to fight this battle not only for herself, but for everyone. 

Dr. Margaret Betts

Dr. Margaret Betts, an M.D. and an allopath who is well known in Detroit and is Ariana’s doctor now, said the child’s case exposes the “massive experimentation” that is going on now. 

“It is not only Ariana Godboldo but all children that have been thrown into these types of situations around the country,” Betts said. “This may well be the largest mass experiment in the 21st century. It is comparable to the Tuskegee Institute study where Black men were allowed to die of syphilis so doctors could analyze its effects.” 

Deborah Williams’ grandchildren were taken from her daughter. (Photo above right.)

“When I heard of Maryanne’s situation, I began crying again, feeling like the  life was being choked out of me,” she said. “My daughter told CPS she wanted me to take her children. They said I could see my grandbaby, but then they did a home assessment and said my home was unsuitable. Marian Kramer of Welfare Rights and Debbie Johnson of Moratorium NOW! went with me to meet with CPS in Washtenaw County, but to no avail!” 

Sandra Hines

Many of the family members at the rally were from the national organization, which is planning to hold national protests at courthouses across the country on Friday, Aug. 12 (times to be announced).  The protest in Detroit will be held at Lincoln Hall (Family Court) at 1025 E. Forest at the service drive for I-75. Coordinators here are Dana Davis, email and Mark Sweetman, email See flier in post below story.

Complete information for protests nationally can be obtained by clicking on

Mark Sweetman spoke at the July 17 rally. He and his wife have foster children, but he said that after dealing with Catholic Social Services and the foster care system, they have become advocates for families whose children are taken by the state. He termed CPS and foster care an “industry.” The state and private agencies get federal funding per head for every child taken from their family. 

Mark Sweetman

Safonia Kent’s story (photo above) was particularly heart-breaking. 

“Four of my children were taken away in 1994,” she said. “Now they are 25, 23, 21, and 20 and they have aged out of the system. I fought for them in every way possible. They ended up being beaten, raped, and forced to take medication. One foster mother left them at 13925 Glastonbury and moved to Southfield. My youngest son ran away and was with me illegally until he turned 18. The workers lied about my home situation. They said I didn’t have food, but my dad retired from Ford and makes a large pension and my mother worked for the city. They gave me whatever I needed.” 

Shirley Herrell of Harper Woods said her son was taken by the same CPS worker, Mia Wenk, who took Ariana Godboldo. She said she is considering a lawsuit but is waiting for the results of an investigation. 

Speaker against government child abuse

Judith Fay came all the way from Grand Rapids for the rally. She said she has been fighting for the rights of families and children ever since her attorney son’s partner lost his children to CPS. 

A woman who identified herself as Deena, from Roseville, told a horror story of how her adult, disabled nephew was treated when he was taken by Adult Protective Services. 

“He was on a portable ventilator that attaches to his wheelchair so he could move around and go outside,” she said. “But they put him in a nursing home two hours away from his family, and took away the portable ventilator so he has to stay in bed. He hasn’t been outside anywhere since May.

Al Woods

Al Woods raised another problem parents whose children are taken face: they are frequently put on the state’s child abuse registry, and afterwards have difficulty finding work. 

He said his son was getting into so much trouble that he locked him up at home rather than have the police take him to jail, so CPS intervened. 

“I knew the next thing CPS would do is take my six and 13-year-old daughters, so I sent them down to Georgia. But the judge made me bring them back and CPS came and took my girls as well. Almost every day, my six-year-old would call me begging me, ‘Dad, come get me.’” 

He said when he went to court to contest his son’s case, the judge threw out CPS’s allegations, because the judge knew the trouble his son had been in with the law. He has his children back now, but neither he nor his wife have been able to find work in their chosen fields because of their placement on the registry. 

Tammy Watson

“We are guilty for life, I can’t even adopt my own grandchildren if I want to,” he said. 

Brenda Blue said, “Macomb County is one of the most corrupt counties in Michigan. These people are too evil. I spent over $20,000 getting our kids back after false allegations were made. Ninety percent of kids who are taken are taken illegally. My prayer is that every kid comes home. LET MY PEOPLE GO!” 

Tammy Watson, a Govabuse organizer, said, “On Nov. 23 of last year, there was a knock at my door, and it was a CPS worker with a police officer. She claimed that people said I threatened to leave the state with my kids. I was not under any court order to stay in the state. What the workers called ‘clear and convincing evidence’ was nothing more than their opinion compounded with hearsay. I have six kids, and I’m  not even allowed to visit them. On Sept. 22 this year, they want to terminate my parental rights. The same thing can happen to you, your family and your friends. If we don’t speak up, nothing will change!”

Brenda Blue

Sandra Hines (photo above left) of Justice4Maryanne, who worked as a social worker, said she has seen the devastating effects of CPS kidnappings.

“I’ve seen children in foster care burnt with cigarettes and molested,” Hines said. “CPS views parents as nothing especially if they themselves were mistreated all their lives. I always thought the purpose of CPS was to keep families together, not take hundreds of thousands of children and put them in foster care. This is nothing but a fascist government move to take our rights. They don’t love your children–you do!”

For more information, click on, call 313-867-4841, or email Also visit

Justice4Maryanne t-shirts for sale as fund-raiser

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  1. arianna roquemore says:

    Dear Editor,
    Today is Thanksgiving a holiday that is celebrated for many different reasons. The season where the leaves fall as the wind blows and the trees are howling for they know the climate has changed. This is the time were family ties are rekindled and loved ones are near, however, CPS (child protective services) does not care to unify families at all. IN fact, they seem to be a small group of people in towns, cities and neighborhoods who make major life decisions for families.
    Today, on thanksgiving a 8 day old baby is in foster care away from her mother who was breast feeding her. CPS came into a clean home where there was no apparent danger or imminent harm. and caused trauma to all of the individuals in the home. The papers were filed to take the new born infant out of the home an hour prior to taking her without any formal investigation. CPS worker Nick has overstepped his boundaries and has compromised his position as a CPS worker by violating all of the rights of the mother in the case. Dalia Kenbar (the mother) has been fighting CPS for the past few years. They have already removed her 8 year old son 8 months ago and put him in foster care as well. There is no substantial evidence that is a true causation for CPS to remove Dalia’s children out of her care.
    Despite the allegations against Mrs. Kenbar being dropped, the CPS worker declared war against her by finding anything to slander her name and take her children. On Novemeber 27, 2013 at approximately 5:00 the door bell had rung on 9738 Ravenshire Dr. The police spoke with the son of the homeowner saying that they were just there to “check” on the mother to see if she was in suitable living conditions. An hour later and 5 more officers including the Sheriff had arrived on the scene. Dalia’s lawyer had rushed to the home with her family to defend her client. The lawyer had spoken to the prosecuting attorney who was in agreement to not remove the infant from the home. Nick the CPS worker continued to pursue the kidnapping of the infant. Brutal force was used by the many police officers, they pushed children, pinned a young female University of Michigan college student to the floor and arrested her. The scene was from a bizarre movie as they took the infant without any clothes or blankets into the cold weather. They treated the individuals in the home as terrorist. They not once considered the facts of Dalia Kenbar’s case and went forward in kidnapping the infant on trumped up charges. This case has happened to other women and children around our world, because there are no checks and balances with the foster care program. Lets pull together as a nation and fight for these children and families alike with similar situations against people that kidnap children from homes. The system has failed once again and has traded an infant for a mere piece of paper. Dalia Kenbar is not only the victim but has wanted to raise her children in American soil that her mother had died fighting as a translator for our country. Please respond because this was a high class kidnapping that needs to be addressed to many ears and eyes.
    “Time is short as it fades, moments are lost and my breast hurt, they bleed for her and yearn to comfort my Layla. Looking into her eyes I knew that the season of love filled the room. To be a mother, one of the most precious gifts have been torn from the very heart of my being. Every fiber is empty in this vast world. The power of the masses sit idly by awaiting one jurisdiction, as my heart races and tears fill my eyes, they took me. Who am I to them a dirty mat that can be stomped on, who is Layla a piece of paper or a number like the holocaust. My soul awaits for my love to be safe and home in my arms. I am hers and she is mine. Trapped like the gates of hell in the system, the bleak and the weak fight for one taste of air. Could people be so malicious do they not see me, do they think my life should be taken by one final blow to the head. Stabbed and wounded are the fragments of my heart, every ache comes from you CPS!”
    Written by Arianna Roquemore

  2. Debbie Williams says:

    There is an emergency in the United States of America: it appears that crimes are committed everyday by the Department of Human Service of Children’s Protective Services case workers, social workers, foster care worker, supervisor, and directors, practicing under the Color of Law. In most incidents the case workers, social workers and foster care workers are not looking out for the best interest of the children. By tearing these children away from their parents, it can cause severe and irreparable damage to them. As these children get older they are often faced with difficulty bonding with others as well as severe abandonment issues .

    Law abiding people have rights that protect them from others who would enslave them or otherwise use them for their own purposes. We the people, bring Children’s Protective Services to the attention of the State of Michigan Director and Legislator to vestigations for misuse of their power to unlawfully remove or steal our children with distorted information, destruction of evidence, obstruction of justice, false allegations, and refusal to conduct proper investigations. Our Congress need to write a new law to reform CPS actions and stop the unethical practice. Last but not least, the false psychological diagnoses for children that are wrongly placed in the system leads to continued proliferation of improper ethical practices. I am aware of the neglect and abuse that goes on in the United States with our children in their homes, but I am not referring to these children, yet most of those children too are abused by the system who suppose to protect them. I refer only to children improperly placed in a system that is not designed for them through corrupt investigations.

    Michigan parents been effected by Children’s Protective Services distorted information,obstruction of justice, and false allegation, which lead to the unlawful removal of our grandchildren, children and family. (State sanction kidnapping)

    Please educate yourself and read on this matter as well as listen to some videos I have provided. Nancy Schaefer The Unlimited power of cps part 1 of 2

    MPR SNIPPET – Margarete Garcia MPR SNIPPET – Margarete Garcia
    MPR SNIPPET – Margarete Garcia

    MPR SNIPPET – John Tuinstra President John Tuinstra Michigan
    President of Citizens for Parental Rights

    Print this in YOUTUBE.COM CPS Altered Files, False Allegations, Secrecy Confirmed by Investigation – 2/3 KY

    Child Protective Services and Psychological Evaluations

    Alex Jones – Attempted abduction by CPS (USA) 2/5

    CPS aka Child Protective Services – The Protectors

  3. Marymack says:

    God Bless you all in this fight for our children.

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