Parents of Ariana, Maryanne Godboldo and Roger Hakim, leave court after earlier hearing

Probation officers routinely stamp Family Court judge’s signature 

By Diane Bukowski

Aug. 1, 2011

 DETROIT – Children are routinely being removed from their homes in Wayne County on the word of a state worker with a bachelor’s degree, and a Wayne County Family Court probation officer who stamps Presiding Judge Leslie Kim Smith’s signature on a court order without her authorization. The judge never even sees the order or accompanying documentation. 

Ariana Godboldo's home on Blaine, in a neighborhood that is 98.6 percent Black, where 31% of the residents live below the poverty level.

That was the testimony of Vikki Kapanowski, Juvenile Intake interim supervisor, on Aug. 1 in the Ariana Godboldo case. Detroit police, along with a Special Response Team including tanks, helicopters and assault weapons, removed the frightened 13-year-old child from her home March 24 as a result of such an order. 

Her mother faces criminal charges for resisting what she and her attorneys say was an illegal home invasion and seizure of the child.  

Attorneys for Maryanne Godboldo and Mubarak Hakim, Ariana’s parents, were outraged. 


Atty. Wanda Evans

“It was the intent of the legislature, to ensure the protection of families, to make sure that the judge has reviewed and signed the order on their own, not to leave that responsibility to a referee or probation officer, ” argued Wanda Evans, co-counsel for Ariana’s mother. 

Under state law, she said, probation officers must be officially sworn in as referees to function in that capacity, and referees can only make recommendations. Referees must also have law licenses. 

She referenced the state Probate Code, 712 A.10, which reads as follows: 

Attorney Adam Shakoor with Rosa Parks' long-time friend Elaine Steele

“It is the fundamental right of the parent to have custody of their child and raise their child,” co-counsel and well-known Detroit attorney Adam Shakoor chimed in. “This was an improper protective custody order, and everything that flows from it is void. To get to the point where the law allows the seizure of a child, the rights of the parent have to be protected. The court is left with no other option than to quash the order.” 

Kapanowski testified that one of three probation officers on her staff designated to do so reviews petitions for removal submitted by CPS workers. 

“Once they are convinced there are sufficient grounds, they issue protective orders,” Kapanowski said. “Then they are file stamped and stamped with the presiding judge’s signature.” 


Wenk home in Flushing, a suburb of Flint which is 94.6 % white and has a 4.7 % poverty level

She said a probation officer named Marcia Hurst stamped Wayne County Family Court Presiding Judge Leslie Kim Smith’s signature on the petition to remove Ariana Godboldo March 24. Although the order provided 30 days for execution, Wenk went to Godboldo’s home on Blaine immediately and called 911 to summon police. 

Kapanowski also testified that her staff members have not been sworn in to function as referees and have no law licenses.  

In the Godboldo case, the worker, Mia Wenk, had a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, three weeks on the case and one year on the job with a brief period of on-the-job training.  State regulations provide that a probation officer “may” have a bachelor’s or master’s degree. 

Asst. state AG Deborah Carley

Assistant state attorney general Deborah Carley argued several times that unproven allegations that Maryanne Godboldo fired a shot at the police were sufficient to override any flaws in the court order, and cited an unpublished Court of Appeals decision. She said the probation officer was designated as a referee, ignoring Kapanowski’s testimony to the contrary. 

Attorney Roger Farinha, who represents Ariana’s father, angrily denounced her references to the gunshot. 

“If the attorney general can argue such an issue, than I can argue that nothing shows that they can medically treat a child,” Farinha said. “There is no doctor’s letter in the file. They can’t take a child and warehouse her to experiment on her.” 

Atty. Roger Farinha

The chief reason Wenk cited for Ariana Godboldo’s removal was her mother’s decision to take her off the psychotropic drug Risperdal, which many medical professionals have said is dangerous. The consent form Maryanne Godboldo signed when she agreed to have her child take the drug specified that she had the right to take her off it at any time. 

Family Court Judge Lynne A. Pierce struck Carly’s statements related to the alleged gunshot, but upheld her other arguments. 

In ruling that the order was valid, and disallowing testimony on its legality in the upcoming jury trial, set for Aug. 2, Pierce also ignored Kapanowski’s testimony that her staff was not authorized to function as referees.

Family Court Judge Lynne A. Pierce

She said state law authorizes a referee to review and approve petitions for removal of children. 

“Based on CPS/DHS’s provision of a petition with allegations under MCR 3.963, and that the allegations were made to a referee and the fact that the statute allows non-judicial action, the court finds the written order stamped with the judge’s signature by the referee/probation officer authorized DHS to enter the premises.”

 That rule , MCR 3.963 (B) Court-Ordered Custody, reads in part:

(1) The court may issue a written order authorizing a child protective services worker, an officer, or other person deemed suitable by the court to immediately take a child into protective custody when, upon presentment of proofs as required by the court, the judge or referee has reasonable grounds to believe that conditions or surroundings under which the child is found are such as would endanger the health, safety, or welfare of the child and that remaining in the home would be contrary to the welfare of the child.” 

Part A of the section allows a child to be taken without a court order under extraordinary circumstances, but in this case, a court order was used as the pretext for Ariana’s removal. 

Pierce also ruled that an amended order to remove Ariana Godboldo would be the only one allowed into testimony at the trial, not the original order that led to her removal. 

Pierce home in Grosse Pointe Woods, which is 99.1 % white and has a poverty rate of 3.1%

Pierce would have had to reverse her own after-the-fact ruling in a subsequent show cause hearing if she had granted the defense motion to quash the original order. 

Pierce also refused to allow the hiring of Attorney Michael Bishai to represent Ariana Godboldo, in addition to current court-appointed Guardian Ad Litem Daniel McGuire. Bishai said he wanted to represent the child to safeguard her legal rights to remain with her family and not to be medicated against her will or their will. 

After Ariana was taken, she was placed in Hawthorne Psychiatric Hospital in Northville and medicated with Risperdal along with three other drugs until attorneys for her mother obtained a court order from Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Richard Skutt barring the forced medication. 

Pierce denied Bishai’s request to represent Ariana, but said he could act as co-counsel for her mother.

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  1. I’m fighting the case similar to the case that I just read up on I’m afraid for my children and for myself because I don’t have a representative I cannot afford a representative but my kids are in a very dire need situation that they really need to get out of if there’s anybody out there that can please help represent me in this case please email me at latonya 1934 @ I’ve moved all the way back here from California I have 5 children that I’m fighting for please help me God bless you protecting the time to read my message

  2. thank you! pretty effective publish!! much like the template

  3. J. Holderbaum says:

    I had to post this:

    The following case fixing tactics are taking place in our courts across the United States and around the world against parents, pro se litigants, indigents, and crime victims:


    “Impute” income to jack up child support orders.
    Lower a fit parent’s parenting time to jack up child support orders.
    Dole out restraining orders like candy.
    Allow perjury and other fraud upon the court.
    Promote fraud upon the court.
    Commit fraud upon the court in orders
    Suppress evidence.
    Ignore evidence of criminal misconduct.
    Ignore precedence.
    Deviate from the presumptions of equal custody, decision making, parenting time, etc., without a showing of parental unfitness.
    Pit moms against dads in a “custody battle” and encourage domestic violence scams.
    Encourage Parental Alienation.
    Deviate from the presumption of truth in affidavits without cause or reason.
    Reclassify pro se filings and then provide no reasons for denials or state something like, “To the extent that the father is requesting dismissal (or reconsideration, or…”)…
    Deny access to the court system.
    (From Brad Howe): Refuse to enforce visitation orders, but will enforce custody orders.
    (From Jay Paul Vonkoffler) Upon the death of his ex wife, Jay’s child was given away to a man who has a record for violent assault against the mother and a record for abuse/negligence against then child, his daughter. Since Jay lives in a different state, he, like many of us, is treated by the Judicial Mafia as a criminal, forced to endure never-ending litigation and cost, and prevented from moving his daughter out of the county to come live with him, and thus lose their federal funding for his case.
    (From Dawn Kelly) Base new rulings on evidence from a prior trial. Base rulings on their own “personal” belief and stating such on the record; Allow witnesses to discuss case openly outside of courtroom when instructed explicitly not to, giving the opposing side inside knowledge, time to change story, and advantage when testifying. Interviewing minor children in chambers with only a stenographer present. Ordering one of the parents to stop filing pleadings.
    (From ChildrenNeed Parents Equally) Use the ‘status quo’ lie; Change the status quo from 50-50 to sole custody in favor of one parent, which breeds parental alienation. The more evidence of parental alienation, the wore the judge agrees with the court evaluator to change the status quo even further in favor of the custodial parent.
    (From Julian Brachfeld) Refuse to order a warranted forensic evaluation in a case with clear and convincing evidence of emotional child abuse by the custodial parent.
    (From Family-Court Political Prisoner) First judge failed to disclose business relationship with other judge who issued an “ex parte” restraining order (despite no request by police); After simply listening to wife’s attorney, judge told him he needed therapy; Referred both parents for DV assessments at a local battered women’s shelter that the court has a contract with; converted his property to his ex-wife and impoverished him; he is now indigent and homeless, but smartass judge still has the audacity to tell him to “get an attorney” if he wants help (which I have also heard countless times in my case because nearly all attorneys are participating in the buying and selling of justice these days and will gladly churn a case until the victim goes away).

    Court Administration; State and Federal Clerks (this is a group to watch, as they appear to be benefiting from the kickbacks, payoffs, bribes, gifts, favors, etc., just like the corrupt judges and attorneys):

    Issue their own orders.
    Decide cases for judges (sometimes without their knowledge).
    Deny access to the judicial system.
    Refuse to file court documents.
    Refuse to provide court forms.
    Refuse to seal subpoenas.
    Refuse to serve complaints for indigents.
    Throw away or misplace indigents’ IFP applications and other court documents.
    Alter the ‘Register of Actions’ when decisions are appealed.
    Rename or renumber exhibits, or lump several exhibits under one number (so some or all can be withheld in the event of appeal).

    Court Reporters:

    Refuse to produce transcripts.
    Alter transcripts when decisions are appealed.
    (From Julian Brachfeld) Provide requested transcripts within hours for custodial parents (and prosecutors), but delay transcripts for months for NCPs, indigents, pro se litigants…


    Refuse to answer discovery requests.
    Refuse to dismiss cases that ‘ought not to be prosecuted.’
    Knowingly advance a case without establishing probable cause.
    Knowingly advance a case without jurisdiction.
    Knowingly advance fallacious arguments and openly commit fraud upon the court.
    Knowingly violate their oaths of office, both as an attorney and as a prosecutor.
    Withhold exculpatory evidence.
    Participate in the altering of exhibits.
    (From Dawn Kelly) Traveling from one courtroom to another and billing two clients $350 for the same hour.
    (From Dani McEvoy) Threatening and intimidating litigants to facilitate the case fixing. (In my cases, I observed law enforcement and prosecutors doing all sorts of things for the case fixers (who they should have been arresting) to pressure me into an unfair and unlawful plea deal in a criminal case and to get me to drop my complaints when I brought formal chargers against the case fixers.)

    Public Defenders:

    Refuse to do anything to defend.
    Refuse to move for dismissal, challenge probable cause, challenge jurisdiction…
    Refuse to order transcripts.
    Refuse to do anything in writing.
    Refuse to file court documents or just present them in court so the clerks can throw them away.
    Make only verbal statements in court and only statements that will keep the case going.
    Participate in the altering of exhibits.

    All Officers of the Court, in conspiracy (Judges, Clerks, Court Reporters, Attorneys, Prosecutors, Public Defenders, etc.):

    Learn of the parents’ finances from their Financial Affidavits and churn the case until they are broke.
    (From David Carlin) Conspire and commit serious crimes against defenseless children and parents: Falsification of court records, fraud upon the court, case churning, abuse of discretion, theft of assets from families, theft of public funds, denial of children’s civil rights to access to both parents, creation of the need for their services, exploitation of children’s emotional stability during divorce, encourage Parental Alienation, and systematic infliction of PTSD, depression, psychological trauma, and other crimes against humanity; all to increase profits and federal funding.
    (From JusticeFor AbdulrahmanKhalil) Intimidating parents and filing false criminal complaints against them.
    (From Lisa Arlin) Churn adoption cases.
    (From Diane Booth) Quebec is stealing children, processing them in secret trials, and placing them in group homes, for profit (just like CPS does here in the United States).
    (From Frances Claspill) Use a “Hired Gun Psychologist” to render their professional opinion in a case, so judge can justify an arbitrary or biased order.
    (From Lea Sage) `In chambers` meetings. (very common; Pro Se litigants: You have a right to attend these meetings, and while you are in chambers, ask the judge for his oath of office, as they are all required to hang it on a wall in their office; you can even stop a hearing or trial and ask to go in the judge’s chambers to see if his oath is displayed. Lea: Do this to Perkins next time in court.)
    (From Chris Bengle) Refuse personal service of your motions and other pleadings; i.e. won’t accept their copy (there are many of these cowards in law; they know they don’t have a case, so they try to trip you up in a variety of ways like this).

    Child Support Enforcement caseworkers:

    Refuse to verify facts, review, adjust, modify, etc.
    Refuse to credit payments.
    Alter Title IV-D accounts.
    Refuse to correct interstate accounts, sometimes under the guise of the ‘full faith and credit’ laws.
    Steal and extort from the noncustodial parents, sometimes even under ‘color of law.’
    Lien and levy bank accounts without due process, even kids’ trust accounts if held under S.S.# of noncustodial parent.
    Suspend driver’s licenses without due process and refuse to use appropriate discretion to reinstate under the circumstances.
    Report known false arrears balances to credit reporting agencies, and without due process.
    Commit and suborn perjury.
    Send Lien & Levy Notices to your bank, but hold yours so you will miss the appeal period.
    (From Jeff Okkonen) Increase support collection, without a hearing, then garnish from paycheck, also without a hearing.
    (From Brad Howe): Levy bank accounts repeatedly just to increase federal funding.
    (From Dawn Kelly) Knowingly allow custodial parents to use child support money for expenses not related to child care.
    (From Julian Brachfeld) Deny modification unless unemployed noncustodial parent (NCP) can prove they are mentally or physically incapacitated.

    Law Enforcement:

    Refuse to look at evidence.
    Refuse to do investigations.
    Refuse equal protection.
    Refuse crime victim services.
    Help paint the ‘breadwinner’ as a bad parent.
    (From Dani McEvoy) Threatening and intimidating litigants to facilitate the case fixing. (In my cases, I observed law enforcement and prosecutors doing all sorts of things for the case fixers (who they should have been arresting) to pressure me into an unfair and unlawful plea deal in a criminal case and to get me to drop my complaints when I brought formal chargers against the case fixers.)

    Guardian Ad Litems (GALs), “Child and Family Investigators” (CFIs), Child Protective Services (CPS), CAFCASS, Custody Evaluators, Psychologists, Women’s Shelters, Mediators, ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’ personnel, and other court cronies that help fix cases against the noncustodial parent (NCP):

    Commit fraud upon the court in their Reports and Recommendations.
    Commit perjury on the witness stand.
    Program children to despise the ‘other’ parent, the noncustodial parent (NCP).
    Coax children to act out against the NCP.
    Ask the kids leading questions during investigations and misquote them if they say anything endearing about the NCP.
    Refuse to interview the NCP’s witnesses.
    Recommend psychological evaluations and then repeatedly contact the pschologist during their ‘independent’ evaluation to influence the report against the parent already secretly chosen to be the NCP.
    (From Matt Thompson and Brad Howe) Ignore formal complaints and evidence, and tell the NCP to take their issues up in court; and going along with the custodial parent’s lies to the kids and frauds upon the court.
    (From Paul James Summerfield) Cafcass canceling appointments, refusing interviews of parents, falsely reporting facts and refusing to correct mistakes in the record; Courts promising to sort out matters, but failing to do so.
    (From ChildrenNeed Parents Equally) Kid’s counselor conspires with custodial parent to reduce the non-custodial parent’s time with the kids even further, and recommends police exchanges and supervised visitation.
    (From JusticeFor AbdulrahmanKhalil) Protect abusive foster parents.
    (From Julian Brachfeld) GALs telling the judge that NCP’s kids didn’t want them at their practices, games, or school events and that NCP’s calls and texts to kids to say ‘I love you’ were “harassing” them; CPS interviewing kids without either parent in the room and asking the kids pointed questions.
    (From Family-Court Political Prisoner) Mediators conduct lop-sided fact-finding sessions in a way very prejudicial and unfair to the NCP, usually the father, and routinely recommend supervised visitation for the NCP; Women’s Shelter chosen by judge for DV assessments framed him for DV because he didn’t leave the house the moment his wife ordered him to do so, despite wife’s admission that she had physically assaulted him; when he began investigating them for corruption, they sent cops to his job to threaten him and the next day his children were completely removed from his care, without any court proceedings and based solely upon the decision of the shelter’s administrator; his parental rights were eventually terminated despite no evidence of abuse or unfitness.
    (From Chris Bengle) Mediation will accomplish nothing. (Anyone have any experience with Mediators and ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’ personnel refusing to do anything or seeming to know all about the case fixing and participating?)

    Apparently many Private Investigators, Court Watchers, Parental Rights ‘Advocates,’ the Press, and others that could make a difference for thousands of broken families if they weren’t receiving “Hush Money” from the Judicial Mafia:

    Refuse their services to Pro Se litigants, indigents, NCPs and other ‘Targeted Individuals.’

    • Amaretta says:

      Judge Pierce removed my son from my custody without any facts or proof. My ex husband was able to slander me and she wouldn’t even look at my proof. All she kept saying was to get an attorney. I could not even defend myself! Now my child is with a narcissistic abusive father because i couldn’t afford an attorney. I turned in all my evidence filed an objection and she would not even look at it! I am a single mother who is keeping a roof over my son’s head and food in his stomach. How am i suppose to afford an attorney? She told me to my face she doesn’t have time to look at my evidence. Even the FAME report states i should maintain full physical custody. Now. I have to file an appeal and pray for the best.

      • Morris Donald says:

        I am going through a similar case with my children. My wife is white and I am black. My wife stated that I am a dangerous black man with guns. Judge Lynn Pierce help my with fill out the PPO, then that same judge signed and approved that PPO. I had to go back to judge Lynn Pierce to fight the PPO. she would not let my witness, she would not look at my video evidence or the phone records, she would not even listen to the facts about my wife choking my 11 year old son and stating she knew how far to go and he was not in any real danger. my wife has a police record for assaulting me twice. The judge not even care that my wifes lawyer Deb Bonner broke the law telling my wife to have my children call me, while the PPO stated that I am not allowed to even talk to my children on the phone. My wife and her lawyer used my children to try to set me up to break the PPO and be arrested. They had my children constantly calling me for hours trying to get me to answer my phone. my children were leaving messages begging me to answer the phone and say do you not love us anymore, and mommy said we can call you anytime we want. I had to have to retired police officer call to make them stop calling me and explain to them that their mom has a piece of paper that says your father can not talk to you and if he does he will go to jail. My record is perfectly clean not even a parking ticket. The judge would not even let my lawyer ask all her questions. when My wife testified she stated that I have never laid my hand on her or the children and that I do not even believe in corporal punishment. when I was testifying the judge spent most of her time looking at the clock on the wall or her watch. She cut me saying she has already made her decision and I am nothing but a mentally abusing man. the also stated that she does not even want to hear about us getting marriage counseling. I am currently fighting to get access to my children and the divorce with my soon to be ex wife.

  4. Beverly Tran says:

    Congressman John Conyers, Jr. has taken on the fight to end the most horrific form child abuse: Medicaid fraud in child welfare.

    The time has come to end fraud. Support Congressman Conyers’ initiative to end fraud and tell us your stories. The Fraud Stops Here.

  5. Parents don’t want their children on these dangerous drugs. Foster parents aren’t monitoring the foster children’s behavior. My grand son tried to commit suicide 4 times. Now they are telling me he is stable on his new prescriptions and that I am not a part of the case. I just found out the other day. When they CPS told my daughter that my grandson was missing she immediatly contacted the National Center for Missing and EXPLOITED CHILDREN The DOJ needs to investigate every facility that warehouses children for CRIPA Violations. Civil Rights of Institutionalized Peersons Act. And go through CPS FILES AS WELL> See Beverly Tran and Attorney James Gottstein at PsychRights. These group homes are pathetic. These transition houses are supposed to be providind Independent Living Skills. They do not help them with learning disabilities etc. or inform them of their benefits when they age out of foster care. John Chaffee Block Grant. So therefore you have a new generation of homless young people that have been drugged with psychotropics as children and can’t function as young adullts. As Suzanne Shell of Profane-Justice says they are creating more fodder for institutions.

  6. abbi says:

    this is on us. every time we do not question a law, every time we do not write to a president passing such a law saying “bad idea!”, we bring this stuff on us.

    Bill Clinton made this law allowing them to collect incentives for kids to get taken and adopted. being a father himself I’m sure his goal was to rescue abused children and find them good homes. but the money grubbing monsters saw dollar signs in not abused children. We should have followed that bill, read it and stopped it.

    • jholderbaum says:

      Walter Mondale started this with CAPTA in 1974. Clinton followed with ASFA in 1997. Both laws have created a nightmare for children and families since that time with no end in sight.

  7. Lisa says:

    Judge Pierce needs to be removed from her position and jailed. Mia Wenk should also be jailed along with anyone who helped kidnap this woman’s child.

  8. Subbarao Seethamsetty says:

    Thanks to VOD for exposing this gross miscarraige of justice and willful coverup and protection of wrong doing by the justice system itself.

    God bless Vikki Kapanowski for standing up to truth and justice and putting her career and life in line and going out on a limb. God bless Atty Wanda Evans for defending the oppressed and speaking truth to power (clearly undeserved and protected by “professional courtesies”) of both Judge Pierce and Asst State Atty General Deborah Carley and the minions of the state working at CPS.

    Shame on Asst. state AG Carley for her hubris of stating some specific unproven anecdote in order to condone saying “… were sufficient to override any flaws in the court order,” and clearly lying, as an officer of justice, that the probation officer is designated as a referee, ignoring the testimony of Vikki Kapanowski. The shame continues on when Judge Pierce now has to bend over backwards to influence the outcome of the case in clear examples of professional protectionism – and disgustingly so. How dare these public servants receiving wages from tax payers money resort to these clearly illegal and extrajudiciary actions that puts families and children in such trauma and life-destroying situations.

    It is not lost on the knowing public that the state medical spend on these psychotropic drugs is always proportional to the campaign donations made by the pharmaceuticals manufacturing these psychotropics (donation is always around 10% of the spend and there are public records to prove it). 70% to 80% of state wards are drugged with tax payers money directly benefiting these drug manufacturers and if that is not drug pushing then I dont know right from wrong and pigs can fly.

    Subbarao Seethamsetty

  9. jholderbaum says:

    Correction: These illegal practices by CPS caseworkers and family court judges are standard practice in this country. !!

  10. jholderbaum says:

    These illegal practices by CPS caseworkers and family court judges is standard practice in this country. It’s the same M.O. over and over again, as if it had been written in a script. Notice how when one of their own has their head on the block, these so-called upstanding civil servants rush to defend the lies and criminal behavior. Perfect time to make a list of the names of these people for further investigation into the corruption, cronyism, Medicaid fraud and racketeering running rampant in our cities across the nation. Yup. That’s all it is. The only children in need of protection in this country are the children in cases where the forensic evidence rises to the level of a criminal case. The rest are being taken away from the poor and defenseless, and warehoused by middle class families for extra income. Sure, there are good people out there working in the child protection system. But, when you take a child away from family w/o good cause, w/o due process, you are committing an egregious injustice against that child and family. Children are drugged, exposed to sexual abuse, tortured, physically abused and even murdered in the custody of the state. Children are aging out into homelessness and prison. No one wants to face that sad fact. A fact that could and should lead to the end of child protection as we know it in this country. You know what that means? It means, no one really cares about these kids. These are kids to be used and abused by all the parasitic types who are making their living off human suffering. It doesn’t get any lower than that. It’s a national disgrace and it needs to end. Thank God that Maryanne, her family and supporters have the courage and intelligence to stand up to it and expose it for what it is. Strength to this family. My hope is that the case is dismissed and the family compensated. May justice be served.

  11. Beloved says:

    “Lack of Jurisdiction cannot be corrected by an order nunc pro tunc. (a phrase applied to acts allowed to be done after the time when they should be done, with a retroactive effect.) The only proper office of a nunc pro tunc order is to correct a mistake in the records; it cannot be used to rewrite history.” Transamerica Ins. Co. v. South, 975 F. 2d 321 325-26 (7th Cir. 1992); United States v. Daniels 902 F. 2d 1238 , 1240, (7th Cir. 1990); King v. Ionization Int’l, Inc., 825 F.2d 1180, 1188, (7th Cir. 1987); and Central Laborer’s Pension and Annuity Funds v. Griffee, 198 F.3d 642, 644, (7th Cir. 1999)

    The amended order after the fact cannot correct substantive facts, only a clerical mistake in records. The Judge is validating the amended order is illegal. The whole hearing is void. The Judge is perpetuating the fraud upon on the court by upholding the validity of the initiating document which was without jurisdiction and rubber stamped.

    In short, the Judge, the prosecutor are trying to pretend that the “bell never rung”. Well, the bell did ring. CPS screwed up. Miss Whitey White Judge doesn’t have a clue that CPS is the modern day human trafficking with states receiving substantial incentives for every child removed, with African Americans targeted. Betcha CPS never visits her neighborhood.

  12. Dana Davis says:

    I believe my daughter was being drugged also, I didnt know about Cps until I had my dealings with them. My heart continuously breaks seeing this to continue to go on. Child protection services are needed & its sad there is none & its about money. Ppl this is a battle btwn my GOD & his Opponent the devil. So check who ur serving cant serve both. Works of the devil starts with a LIE, leads to STEALING, next comes DESTRUCTION,& cause some children dnt make it in their care next KILL. Cps is responsible for thousands of murderd,abused,sexually molested children & it sickens me to my stomach. Im praying NO party goes unpunished these are GODs children & he isnt pleased that I know….

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