Taking the bull by the horns: thousands occupy Wall Street September 17, 2011/Photo: Julianne Pepitone

Update: Wall Street People’s Occupation has begun, Camping plans drawn, WEBSITE: Occupy Wall Street.  Click on  live streaming to see events unfold.

 Deborah Dupre

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Update: Sept. 17, 8:45 pm ET

The human rights defenders gathered on Wall Street had planned to descend there Saturday to “occupy parts of it as an expression of anger over a financial system that they said favors the rich and powerful at the expense of ordinary citizens,” according to New York Times late Saturday.

Earlier Saturday, the demonstrators found much of their target off limits due to the city shutting sections of Wall Street near the New York Stock Exchange and Federal Hall before they arrived according to NY Times.

“By 10:00 a.m., metal barricades manned by uniformed police officers ringed the blocks of Wall Street between Broadway and William Street to the east.”

Wall Street occupiers Sept. 17/Photo Julianne Pepitone

What was hundreds has now grown to thousands of protesters gathered on Wall Street with intention of preventing people from their offices Monday.” 

Occasionally, the masses chant, “Occupy Wall Street! Occupy Wall Street! Occupy Wall Street!”

As the protesters planned for their first night camping in the city, legal information given to them was that it is legal to camp on sidewalks for the purpose of political protest with provisions, such as not blocking the path or erecting a structure such as a tent.

The consensus had been that the rights defenders would remain and camp out on the sidewalks, decided by vote.

Parks close at 10:00 pm.

Instructions were provided, and the group at large repeated them in unison, about the camping laws.

On the livefeed, thousands of people chanted a demand to end the illegal US-led wars.

CODEPINK had issued another Tweet alert shortly ago:  “#takewallstreet demands immediate end to #wars!! Gives me chills to hear so many chanting that as #occupywallstreet!!!”

Wall Street occupiers take balconies Sept. 17/Photo by Julianne Pepitone

At approximately 8:45 pm, an announcement was made that the property owner where the majority of the thousands are gathered has given permission for them to remain as long as they are peaceful.

The news was repeated by the thousands, following the leader giving it, segment by segment, in unison – after a loud applause and cheers.

“Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman, said no permits had been sought for the demonstration but plans for it ‘were well known publicly,'” reported the Times.

After a reminder about undercover government operatives who typically infiltrate peace groups, for the purpose of inciting violence, the group shouted together:

“Anyone acting violently,  

“Is not part of us!” 

Update: Sept. 17, 6:30 pm ET

Over 1000 people have gathered on Wall Street to occupy it. Police presence is heavy.

Protesters are chanting, “Power to the people.”

Occupation of Wall Street is indefinite or until Pres. Barack Obama establishes a commission to study taking profits out of the system

The police presence is so heavy at Zucotti Park, one participant has Tweeted, “Zuccotti Park where 1000+ protesters are gathered is being surrounded by police. Suggest prepare to disperse & reform.” (#usdor #takewallstreet) 

The revolution will not be televised – but is being live-streamed

As human rights defenders gear to begin the indefinite People’s Occupation of Washington DC starting October 6, Saturday, hundreds of protesters have descended on Wall Street in New York to occupy it indefinitely, or until President Barack Obama establishes a commission to end “the influence money has over our representatives in Washington.”

“The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%,” reads the official website Occupy Wall Street.

Julianne Peptide, a key coordinator of the Wall Street Occupation, stated, “The plan is to crowdsource the decision.”

“Protesters are set to meet and discuss the issue at the iconic Wall Street Bull statue at noon Saturday, as well as at a “people’s assembly” at One Chase Manhattan Plaza at 3 p.m”

IBTimes reports Saturday that “it will be interesting to see whether New York will succeed in transforming Lower Manhattan into an ‘American Tahrir Square.’

“Occupy Wall Street, a leaderless resistance movement, was published by activist magazine Adbusters on July 13, and since then people from groups such as NYC General Assembly and US Day of Rage have participated to organize the event,” reported IBTimes.

Anonops Tweeted Saturday afternoon, “The police asked to speak to our leader. We told them we don’t have one. They didn’t understand.” (#TakeWallStreet #OccupyWallStreet #Sep17)

Wall Street occupier/Photo Julianne Pepitone

Again, social media is mobilizing for human need not greed. By noon, hundreds of protesters had already gathered at Bowling Green Park in Manhattan, the iconic charging bull in New York’s Financial District barricaded as they prepared to “take the bull by the horns,” as the flyer advertising the event stated.

ABC News reports that the protest, as other recent demonstrations against human rights abuse injustices, has been “fueled” by social media that it calls, “social media fire, with supporters taking to Twitter under the hash tag #occupywallstreet.”

“The major hacking group Anonymous has also thrown in its support, live streaming the day’s events, reports ABC News.

 Hip-hop artist Lupe Fiasco, known for criticizing President Obama, joined the protesters.

“After tweeting his support, Fiasco responded to a tweet by ABC News asking if he was at the park by saying, ‘We Out Chea!!!”

From Wall Street, CODEPINK tweeted Saturday afternoon, “The revolution will not be televised, watch it livestreamed on  #globalrevolution #occupywallstreet”  (See Global Revolution livestream on this page left)

The Global Revolution channel is featuring live streams from global non-violent revolution spreading across the globe, with its first broadcasts being from the Wall Street Occupation.

The channel will also feature live stream from solidarity protests and events in Spain, Greece, France, Belgium, Iceland and other places around the globe, the Global Revolution that started with the North African Spring, and is extending to every country around the World.

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