Occupy Wall Street protesters on Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

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Drop All Charges on ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Arrestees! 

Stop Police Attacks & Arrests! Support ‘Occupy Wall Street’!

  • SIGN THE ONLINE PETITION AT http://bailoutpeople.org/dropchargesonoccupywallstarrestees.shtml  to send email messages to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, NYC City Council, NYPD, the NY Congressional Delegation, Congressional Leaders, the NY Legislature, President Obama, Attorney General Holder, members of the media YOU WANT ALL CHARGES DROPPED ON THE ‘OCCUPY WALL STREET ARRESTEES!
  • IN NYC, DEMONSTRATE on MONDAY OCTOBER 3 at 5 PM at New York City Hall – 250 Broadway at Park Place, Manhattan and on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 5 join the Community Labor March to Wall St./Zuccotti Park – gather at 4:30 pm Gather at City Hall – 250 Broadway
  • AROUND THE COUNTRY, Solidarity Occupations have begun in over 100 cities! Find the one near you at www.facebook.com/OccupyWallSt


The arrest of over 700 people on Saturday, Oct 1 on the Brooklyn Bridge by the New York City Police Department is an outrage and an injustice. Numerous videos clearly show top NYPD police officials actually leading the demonstration on to the roadway of the bridge, not the pedestrian walkway. Then they blocked further movement and started arresting hundreds of activists. This is entrapment. 

A loose network of organizations and individuals called the occupation named “Occupy Wall Street”. It started 15 days ago. It has no ending date. No one knows how long it will last. But it is now attracting growing and enthusiastic mass support giving voice to the widespread hatred of the banks. 

Brooklyn Bridge occupation

The protesters are opposing the domination by the top banks and corporations of every aspect of life in the U.S. today. The only interest of the banks is in maximizing profits, not in meeting people’s needs in the U.S. or anywhere in the world. The protesters are mostly youth, who have heroically congregated by the tens of thousands to “occupy Wall Street” protesting the authority of a small elite over the rest of humanity, “the 99%.”

They have been met with brutality, harassment, and oppression for the crime of raising their voices and fighting for justice. 


This brutality is just another instance of the NYPD’s usual standard behavior. The racist murders of Sean Bell and Amadou Diallo, the brutal attacks on all kinds of peaceful protestors from centuries ago, to the police attacks on the demonstrators just one week prior to the October 1 mass arrests, the hundreds of thousands of “stop and frisk” searches on youth of color, and the efforts to attack immigrant workers, all show who the NYPD serves to protect, from whom they recieve their orders.

Wall Street protesters are publishing their own newspaper, The Occupied Wall Street Journal

We demand that those arrested be immediately released, and that all charges be dropped. We also demand that the NYPD pay reparations to all those they unjustly arrested.

The most violent criminals on this earth are not those protesting Wall Street, but those who sit on Wall Street, and own the world’s wealth. In their ruthless drive for greater profits, lower pay and to keep us divided they foment racism, sexism and LGBT bigotry and attacks on immigrants and Muslims. They close thousands of industries and lay off millions of workers here in order to pay 1/10 the wages in oppressed countries abroad. While speaking empty words of democracy they occupy and bomb countries and carry out drone attacks, while shutting down protests here. They profit from endless wars, militarism, environmental destruction, millions of foreclosed homes and the largest prison system in the world.

Media center at Occupy Wall Street

The youth, rallying against them, and crying for justice are heroes and should not be subject to harassment, arrests, and other abuses for their righteous actions.

Emergency protests are called for Monday 5pm at NYC City Hall against the mass arrests and on Wednesday, Oct 5 a mass labor rally of support for Occupy Wall Street.





Bail Out the People Movement
c/o Solidarity Center
55 W 17th St #5C
New York, NY 10011
web: bailoutpeople.org
email: bailoutpeople.org/cmnt.sh


  • 700 arrested over the weekend as protestors camp out in New York’s financial district
  • Protest enters third week with activists in LA saying they will remain ‘indefinitely’

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 11:54 AM on 3rd October 2011

The arrests of 700 people on Brooklyn Bridge over the weekend have only strengthened the resolve of anti-Wall Street protesters as the campaign entered its third week.

Los Angeles occupation

The protests against corporate America, which began in New York City two weeks ago, have already spread across the country, with demonstrations starting up in Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Denver and Seattle.

Sparked by the Occupy Wall Street movement, which has seen thousands of protesters camped out in New York’s Financial District for the past fortnight, mass gatherings started nationwide, with the unified purpose of voicing anger at the U.S. banking and political systems.

The anti-corporate protest in New York City entered its third week today, as the city’s residents began to increasingly feel the effect of a mass gathering that began as little more than a dozen students.

‘Occupy’ protests have started in Seattle and Denver  a clear sign that the sentiment chimes with residents across America

Obama's home town: Demonstrators hold signs across from the Federal Reserve bank of Chicago while trying to keep dry in a downpour of rain on Friday.

Yesterday members of the NYPD moved in and ordered some of those who had camped out to dismantle what police said were ‘dwellings’.

‘A dozen officers came walking toward us with NYPD video cameras pointed at us,’ said John Dennehy, who went straight back to Zuccotti Park after spending hours in police custody.

He flashed a police desk appearance ticket charging him with disorderly conduct and prohibited use of a roadway. 


Occupy Denver

    On Saturday, the 29-year-old United Nations employee joined thousands of protesters who tried to cross the bridge after marching through Manhattan’s Financial District.

Dennehy and three others had built what they called their ‘box castle’ using cardboard mailing boxes to delineate their space on the plaza.

But police told them to remove the structure, they said. Plastic tarps they were using to stay dry in a pouring rain also were not acceptable, they said.
Under clear skies Sunday afternoon, protesters could help themselves to food that unnamed supporters donated to keep the encampment running.

Some ate pizza they said was ordered for them by a man in Egypt who phoned a local shop to have the pies delivered.

The campers also have been fueled by encouraging words from well-known figures, the latest actor Alec Baldwin, who posted videos on his Twitter page that had already been widely circulated.

One appeared to show police using pepper spray on a group of women, another a young man being tackled to the ground by an officer.

‘This is unsettling,’ Baldwin wrote. ‘I think the NYPD has a PR problem.’

Los Angeles marchers

In Los Angeles, several hundred protesters marched from Pershing Square to City Hall on Saturday, and said they would remain camped at the site ‘indefinitely’, like their New York counterparts.

 Demonstrators from Occupy Boston stormed their way to the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston during the first night of their protest on Friday


Occupy Boston the best-organized of the off-shoot protests

Fledgling protests: The movements in Denver, left, and Seattle, right, are in their infancies and have so far been more peaceful than the New York version

Organised by a group called Occupy LA, the demonstrators echoed the refrain begun by those on the East Coast, saying they hoped to change economic polices that benefit the richest one per cent of Americans.

Occupy Seattle

Crowd members waved signs, including one that read ‘The Banks Ate My Baby,’ and chanted ‘Hey hey, ho ho, corporate welfare’s got to go,’ the Los Angeles Times reported. 

 ‘In the end, what we want to do is inspire working-class people to get involved in the political process,’ Adam Liszkiewics, a 32-year-old USC graduate student, told the paper.

The Occupy Boston movement appears the most well-developed of the off-shoot protests, with a sizeable camp, featuring tents, medical supplies and even wi-fi, setting up at Dewey Square, across from the Federal Reserve building.

Tactical groups have been formed, covering legal affairs, food and media outreach, and a crowd in the spot had reached nearly 1,000 on Friday night on the first day of protest, the Boston Herald reported.

Seniors march to NYPD headquarters Sept. 30

Key organisers said they had been to New York to learn from the protests. Matthew Krawitz, an unemployed IT expert, told how he had been in Manhattan for the first day of the demonstrations there and wanted to replicate the scene in Boston.

There were other protests in the city over the weekend, including one outside the Bank of America aimed at expressing people’s anger at foreclosures and the announcement the bank will charge customers $5 a month to use debit cards to access their own money. It resulted in 24 arrests. 

The activists have even produced their own newspaper ‘The Occupied Wall Street Journal’. It is paid for by funds gathered online via crowd-sourcing websites.

President Obama’s old stomping ground has been gripped by the ‘Occupy’ movement as well. A group of activists have gathered in front of the Federal Reserve Bank Chicago as part of a rally to protest against poverty and unemployment in the U.S.

The Chicago sit-in began on September 23 with a march from Willis Tower to the bank, the Chicago Tribune reported, with some protesters calling it their Tahrir Square, in reference to the Egyptian capital Cairo.

One demonstrator, Emilio Baez, told Press TV the protest is a ‘direct call to working people worldwide.’

‘This is our Tahrir Square,’ he said of the spot which led to a revolution in the African country. ‘We’ll stay here for months if we have to.’

Meanwhile, more than 100 people turned out for Occupy Seattle on Saturday, with protesters waving signs and mingling peacefully with police.

The demonstrators, however, are only beginning to coalesce and they acknowledge that they need to clarify their goals. Like their New York counterparts, the protesters are seeking for a place in Seattle’s financial district to camp out for the winter.

Denver had its first protest on Saturday, with demonstrators telling 9News that they are a leaderless resistance movement of people who will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of Wall Street.

Further ‘Occupy’ protests are planned for San Francisco, Washington DC, Phoenix and Albuquerque. (VOD: WHERE’S DETROIT?)

It emerged as the New York Police Department said it warned the protesters they would be taken into custody before staging the mass arrest.

The protesters who have been camping out in Manhattan’s Financial District say their movement has grown and become more organised over the last couple of weeks and they have no intention of stopping.   

 Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2044267/Occupy-Wall-Street-protests-spread-LA-Boston-Chicago-Denver-Seattle.html#ixzz1ZiTBGqn5

Occupy LA


Thousands Protest at Bank of America Offices in Boston 

Published October 01, 2011

| FoxNews.com

September 30: Protestors from the Boston Workers Alliance march in front of a Bank of America office.


Boston –  Police have arrested two dozen protesters for trespassing during a demonstration against Bank of America’s foreclosure practices at the banking giant’s offices in downtown Boston.

The Boston Herald reports that the event was an act of civil disobedience that the organizers intended to send the message that the lender’s practices were unfair.

“They wanted to be arrested, and we obliged,” Boston police Commissioner Edward F. Davis told the newspaper.

Organizers say about 3,000 people joined the protest.

“We had to set a stand to let Bank of America know they cannot foreclose on families and put them out on the street,” Carolyn Grant one of the protesters said as her cohorts in the holding unit cheered in the background.

Bank of America spokesman T.J. Crawford dismissed the demonstration as a publicity stunt.

There was no mention of Bank of America’s planned debit card fees, which recently have generated headlines and frustrated customers nationwide.

To read more on this story, see the Boston Herald article here. 

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/10/01/dozens-arrested-at-bank-america-headquarters-in-boston/?test=latestnews#ixzz1ZixMzOSa

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  1. joel kaye says:


    Or else we will loose everything we built up after WWII….

    Are we really afraid of being protectionists….or should we STOP IMPORTS….or slow it down a lot so our decimated industries can get back in the game and compete against Asia and other foreign countries……..

    After 45 years of offering Exports to Asia it is no wonder we have no jobs at home in America……plus our richest companies now are Importers but do not have jobs for Americans at home…as we have finally hit the Wall…finally…I am not surprised as everything now is going up in price…it is called inflation for sure….that will be the final blow to America….

    How about picketing all the US Malls who carry 95% of Imports like in my 2 industries….Manufacturers who are hanging on still and who are still in business but have been decimated or many others have gone out of business for the last 45 years because they could not compete with Foreign countries or American Importers either………..so “America” …. and at any store that sells Imports…Picket them…they will eventually get the message and sell American products eventually …….and say in your picket signs that WE WILL NOT BUY IMPORTS ANYMORE…and…SELL ONLY MADE IN THE USA PRODUCTS….those IMPORTS benefits all the Special Interest Folks who eliminated our Manufacturing bases over the last 45 years…with the help of our Government and with campaign financing which they offered to legislators to pass just the right bills for them in exchange……..I have seen it happen with my own eyes….IMPORTS are our long lost jobs mostly transferred in Asia…..picketing with signs will raise the ears of those Buyers who put Imports in our Retail Stores and who sell them willingly to naive consumers……consumers who have zero ideas that they are eliminating American Jobs….so…..!!!!!!

    Also wondering why we have a 2% of rich folks who have as much money as the rest of the 98%…IMPORTS are full of benefits and profits…that is why our Retailers don’t buy American made products….as there less profits in buying or selling American products for sure….this issue Imports has contributed to our demise economically for a very long time….

    Many of us are already Liberals….but Liberals & Conservatives and folks in the middle have all created this economic problem over the last 45 years……..and it has not helped in this century or the last one to have 2 parties that can’t work together in Washington or in our 50 States………as they don’t have common senses on how to fix America….how many times more am I going to vote out legislators and replace them with another while the problems get worse after I voted…….!!!!!

    What do we have to be and do to overcome our present situation….???? START OVER…!!!
    Here is one of my ideas to fix our economy first and get our jobs back…….STOP IMPORTS…!!!…and stop trading Boeing Airplanes for Sweat shirts with China……it won’t work well for us to Trade this stupid way……..Imports are Imports that have eliminated our jobs sources at home….!!!!

    And is becoming protectionist necessary…..!!! YES

    And can we overcome the world order that we impose on many countries…!!! YES if we don’t get involved unless someone attacks us….

    And so on….and on…..and on…..!!!!

    So… Stop Imports and slow down Asia or they will control all of our best markets….and Asia will have the jobs for their People and we won’t….it’s that simple.

    Joel in LA at EMAIL: jasaguide@sbcglobal.net

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