ANSWER Coalition protests during Occupy LA

‘Occupy LA under attack,’ ‘The people can stop the eviction’

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By Deborah Dupre

Human Rights Examiner

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After the LA mayor and city officials pledged to evict Occupy LA human rights defenders from their peaceful 500 tent encampment still at City Hall, in preparation to resist the 12:01 a.m. Monday morning police event, aside from purchasing gas masks, the nation’s largest grassroots human rights organization, ANSWER Coalition late Sunday afternoon has urged thousands of its members and supporters to be at the City Hall at 11 p.m. Sunday night through Monday to and to take a pledge to stop the eviction. 

“Occupy LA is under attack,” the ANSWER Coalition says in its written statement sent late Saturday.

Click on to read Occupy LA General Assembly’s response to the mayor.

But this morning, there were no signs of attack, although the thousands of rights defenders brace for an interesting time after the clock strikes midnight Sunday when the eviction and police involvement is to occur. 

“All was quiet before dawn at Los Angeles City Hall, where “Occupy” demonstrators have been camping since Oct. 1 and are now under threat of arrest if they don’t clear out after noon Monday,” reported the Daily News LA Sunday morning. 

There was “no sign that the estimated 500 tents had diminished.” 


More than one thousand protesters of Occupy LA hit the streets in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. They occupied the financial district of Los Angeles and police arrested several of the protesters. RT correspondent Ramon Galindo gives us the latest of the national day of action in LA Nov. 17.

The mayor and city officials pledged to evict Occupy LA from the encampment at City Hall lawn at 12:01 am this coming Monday morning. 

“In a press conference yesterday, Mayor Villaraigosa and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck called the ongoing protest ‘unsustainable’ and gave notice of their intention to have Occupy LA dismantled,” reported ANSWER Coalition. 

The Daily News reported the mayor wants the people off of City Hall’s “manicured lawns” for “safety reasons.” 

But ANSWER Coalition, the metropolitan’s large coalition of human rights defender organizations says they need thousands of recruits to be there late Sunday night to stop the eviction. 

“We cannot let this happen,” ANSWER says in its statement urging members and supporters to be there Sunday night through the Monday morning eviction deadline. 

“Come by 11 p.m. and be prepared to stay to help stop the eviction. Bring your friends, family and everyone you know, along with any signs or banners you have or wish to make to support Occupy LA. 

If thousands of people come out on Sunday to defend Occupy LA, we will send a strong message to the ruling elite and politicians who desperately want the Occupy movement to end.”

According to ANSWER, despite city officials claiming to support Occupy LA and their passing a resolution to that effect, “they do not and never have” supported it.

“The pending eviction attempt is part of a wave of nationally coordinated state repression against the Occupy movement as a whole.

The blossoming of a new, growing movement of young people, students, workers and unemployed against the wealthiest 1% has challenged the profit-based system that feeds on banker and corporate greed.

Wall Street and the ruling elite in all cities want the Occupy movement gone completely, yet along with others, Occupy LA still stands.”

ANSWER’s rationale is that the people stopped New York City Mayor Bloomberg when he first tried to kick Occupy Wall Street protesters from Zucotti Park. 

“Five thousand people answered the call and defended the park, forcing the mayor and city to back down. The same thing can happen right here in Los Angeles,” it says. 

“Now is the time to take a stand and defend the Occupy LA encampment, which is comprised of peaceful protesters who are fed up with the rule of the richest banks and billion-dollar corporations–the 1%. 

“ANSWER, along with the Occupy LA participants, clergy and other community groups, will be there to support Occupy LA, stop the eviction, and make sure City Hall remains occupied.” 

The group is urging people to register for email updates and check the website and Facebook page for up to the minute reports. 

At least one person admitted to having bought a gas mask in preparation for peaceful resistance Monday morning. 

Click here to pledge to “Take a stand” to defend the Occupy LA encampment,” ANSWER urges.

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