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Ariana’s parents also asking supporters to come to custody hearing Dec. 12

By Diane Bukowski

DETROIT – Detroit’s heroic mother Maryanne Godboldo is calling on her supporters to pack the court Friday, Dec. 9 at 9 a.m., as Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy attempts to overturn 36th District Court Judge Ronald Giles’ dismissal of all criminal charges against her. Giles said the charges violated protections guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

The hearing will be held in front of Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Gregory Bill.

Maryanne Godboldo speaks at Dec. 3 rally

“He will be reviewing the possibility of me going to trial after all,” Godboldo explained during a rally Dec. 3, held at Holy Hope Heritage Baptist Church on Detroit’s west side.
“Each side will present their arguments. But I am my mother and father’s child. They taught us who we are as Black folks, as Godboldos. We have survived over hundreds of years. We MUST fight for our children!”

Godboldo stood off Detroit’s Special Response Team, equipped with helicopters, tanks and assault weapons, for 12 hours Mar. 24 to prevent them and Child Protective Services (CPS) worker Mia Wenk from seizing her daughter Ariana Godboldo-Hakim, 13 at the time. Wenk wanted to force the child back on a dangerous drug, Risperdal.

Worthy subsequently charged Godboldo with discharging a weapon in a dwelling, felonious assault, resisting and obstructing police officers, and using a firearm during a felony. Her child was kidnapped and held in Northville Psychiatric Hospital for over six weeks, where she was indeed given Risperdal and other dangerous psychotropic drugs that are banned for use in children.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy

In addition, the hospital took Ariana’s artificial leg, which she had worn since birth, from her during her stay, forcing her into a wheelchair. There is evidence that she was also sexually assaulted.

“My daughter is coming along but she has her setbacks where she is in agony,” Godboldo said. “The Risperdal did far more damage than the immunizations whose effects led me to seek help for her.”

One of the institutions where Godboldo took Ariana to seek help, The New Oakland Child-Adolescent and Family Center, has been paid by drug companies to conduct trials since at least 2004. They first prescribed Risperdal for Ariana, then reported Godboldo to CPS for weaning her off the drug due to severe side effects.

(Click on http://voiceofdetroit.net/2011/08/08/tangled-web-in-godboldo-case-drug-cos-private-and-public-agencies-judge-dhs-all-benefit-from-child-abduction/  for info.)

Ariana's father Mubarak Hakim chairs rally Dec. 3, 2011

Godboldo’s case received world-wide publicity and support from families who had gone through similar situations.

“I would not want any other mothers to go through what we have,” Godboldo said at the rally. “I believe when we hear of a family whose children are about to be taken, we should organize the community and surround their house to support them.”

On Aug. 29, Judge Giles dismissed the criminal case against Godboldo.

“We are talking about a person’s constitutional rights including the right to liberty, subjecting them to an order that is grossly inadequate and incorrect,” Giles said. “It does not even express any situation where we have exigent circumstances where it says the child is at risk. . .Therefore I am going to quash this order and everything thereafter is null and void. It is the fruit of the poisonous tree.”

Giles originally held his ruling on the court order in abeyance until further testimony in Godboldo’s preliminary exam revealed the weakness of the prosecution’s case.

Rukiyah Shabazz speaks at Godboldo-Hakim rally 12 3 11

Godboldo’s stand first exposed the illegal, assembly line procedure the Wayne County Family Court has been using for years to take children from the arms of their families. During a custody hearing in front of Wayne County Family Court Judge Lynne Pierce, a court supervisor testified that orders to take children are never seen by the Chief Judge Leslie Kim Smith and hearings are not held before her.

Instead, the orders are rubber-stamped with the Chief Judge’s signature by three probation officers, who are not authorized to act in her stead.

(Click on http://voiceofdetroit.net/2011/08/03/another-shock-no-judge-authorized-ariana-godboldos-removal/  for further information.)

Godboldo said her attorney Allison Folmar has informed her that the Court has now ceased that procedure. However, nothing has been done about hundreds and probably thousands of children who were illegally taken by Michigan CPS over the past decades.

Ariana’s father, Mubarak Hakim, chaired the rally, speaking eloquently on behalf of his child and her mother.

Paul Taylor gives Black Power salute during rally

“This is a big cover-up,” Hakim said. “People at higher levels are trying to duck and block, trying to put our sister in jail. This was a choice between life and death for Maryanne. If you are in a position where someone is trying to take your child, you are going to fight them to the death.”

Paul Taylor of the Inner City Sub Center said he has known Hakim as a committed activist, musician and entrepreneur “extraordinaire” for many years. He noted that Hakim has not received the publicity and respect due him for his devotion to his child and his dedication to the defense of her mother.

During her incarceration at Northville, Hakim visited Ariana every single day and is participating with Godboldo as the state fights ruthlessly for custody of the child. Judge Pierce has refused to drop the custody case.

Hakim and Godboldo are asking that supporters also attend the next hearing in front of Pierce, set for Monday, Dec. 12 at 1:30 p.m. at the Lincoln Hall of Juvenile Justice, located at E. Forest and the I-75 service drive.

Also speaking at the rally were Beverly Trans, who has devoted years to researching and battling illegal child seizures after her child was taken (click on BeverlyTran for further history), Minister Malik Shabazz of the New Marcus Garvey and New Black Panther movements, and Rukiyah Shabazz.

For more information, see flier below.


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  1. Nathaniel Brent says:

    They have to. If they don’t they admit they are the true criminals. Marryanne has so many civil rights claims against the police and DHS its pitiful. The only way they can justify there actions is through a court finding her guilty of something. This still won’t get rid of her civil rights claims though under section 1983 and section 1985. Marryanne best of luck, and keep fighting.

  2. Elizabeth Conley says:

    I cannot believe the criminally insane “authorities” are still persecuting the Godboldo family. They are tireless in their relentless viciousness. This is shocking.

    All American families should take note. The ceaseless nature of these “judges'” and social workers’ assault on the family is truly terrifying. Nothing shames them. Nothing slows them down. I think they’re hoping the Godboldo family’s supporters will lose interest, so that the evil these “authorities” have planned for the family may take place with few or no witnesses.

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