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May 16, 2012

Dear Supporters of Democracy in Michigan,

It has come to our attention that right-wing elements in state government are hard at work to make sure the petition to repeal the emergency manager dictator law never makes it to the ballot this November.

Board of Canvvassers; four members are at front, during contentious hearing April 26./ Photo Leonna McElvone

As you may know, the State Board of Canvassers split 2-2 along party lines and were unable to reach agreement that the petition met the 14 point font size for the headline. What you do not know is that the staff for the Michigan Secretary of State knew in advance that the font size was in fact correct before the hearing began.

They knew this because they asked for an independent analysis of the font size from a respected professor at Michigan State University. This professor analyzed the petition, confirmed that the font size was correct, transmitted his findings to the state at their request and promptly had his findings ignored in the final report to the board. In other words, the fix was in to make sure the dubious argument that the font size was incorrect would go forward in spite of proof that the state had to the contrary.

This omission creates a bold-face lie. The republican representatives on the board said the font size was incorrect despite their own staff knowing that it was in fact correct. The result makes the board of canvassers hearing nothing more than a scam concocted to paint the picture that something was wrong with the petitions when in fact, nothing was wrong.

Edith Payne, who marched with Dr. King and is one of the litigants in lawsuit against PA 4, testified before the Board of Canvassers April 26, 2012.

Tomorrow, Thursday, May 17, 2012 at 10 a.m. the Michigan Court of Appeals will hear arguments from attorneys representing the people of Michigan in Stand Up for Democracy. The judges on the panel were given  a sworn statement from Mr. Chris Corneal, Associate Professor of Graphic Design in the Department of Art, Art History and Design at Michigan State University. Mr. Corneal, apparently distressed that the state knew the font size was correct but continued to act as if it was not correct, typed his statement; found a notary public and swore that he was telling the truth about several important facts:

1. He was asked to review the font size of the petition headline that is in dispute.

2. He determined that the font size is correct.

3. He told elections officials the font size is correct before the hearing.

None of Professor Corneal’s findings saw the light of day at the board of canvasser’s meeting. Now his findings will not see their way into the court hearing either because the judges have ruled that neither the professor, his findings nor his testimony will be allowed before the court. Why? Because they were never presented at the board of canvassers’ hearing. And why is that? Because somebody at the Secretary of State’s office made sure that Professor Corneal’s review of the petition would not be included in the final report to the board of canvassers because it is in direct opposition to the right-wing challenge on the font size.The fix is in but we don’t have to let them get away with it.

Join other supporters of democracy today at 4 pm for a press conference at 600 W. Lafayette in downtown Detroit. Let them know they won’t get away with the lie any longer.

Then join Stand Up for Democracy for a prayer rally at 9 am outside the Michigan Court of Appeals in front of the old GM building at W. Grand Blvd. and Second where we will pack the courtroom for the 10 a.m. hearing. Stand together for justice and stand up for democracy.


Stand Up for Democracy 

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Three thousand marched on Gov. Rick Snyder's house on MLK Day Jan. 26, 2012 to demand the end of PA 4

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