Published on Mar 26, 2013

Overturning Emergency Manager In Detroit! – – A No Struggle, No Development Production! By KennySnod – – Overturning Emergency Manager In Detroit!

We oppose Emergency Managers because they rob us of our right to elect our own local representatives and deny democratic self-rule at the local level. We demand our elected leadership remember that they were elected by the same people who will voted out Public Act 4 on Nov. 6th, 2012. We demand that you abide by their decision. Now we’re working to “Overturn Emergency Manager In Detroit!” We ask you to

Sign our “White House Petition: At:

  • End the Consent Agreement/ No Emergency Manager.
  • Begin the Justice Department Intervention, and
  •  Stop Voter Suppression and Constitutional Violations.
  • We also ask you to join us in our 1) Our Mass demonstrations, rallies, press conferences to protest and denounce the actions of Governor Snyder and his collaborators;
  •  To expose the criminal nature of the banks and the corporations who are at the root of the financial crisis in Detroit and throughout the State of Michigan;
  • We must link this struggle in Detroit with the plight of other cities throughout Michigan like Benton Harbor, Flint, Highland Park, Inkster, Ecorse, Muskegon. As well as dozens of other cities in the USA like California, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Rhode Island and many others facing similar crisis.

3/25/2013 – – A No Struggle, No Development Production! By Kenny Snodgrass, Activist, Photographer, Videographer, Author of 1} From Victimization To Empowerment…  eBook available at
2} The World As I’ve Seen It! My Greatest Experience! {Photo Book}
YouTube: I have over 390 Video’s, over 133,300 hits averaging 4,700 a month on my YouTube channel @

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