VOD: As Local 207’s flier above says, “Bing even pissed off the cops.” This rally took place July 26, 2012 outside the Coleman A. Young Center. Inside, Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Amy Hathaway had just dismissed a class action lawsuit by AFSCME leaders Rose Roots, Yolanda King, and Yvonne Ross against the consent agreement, claiming that the state did not fit the definition of “one” as in “municipalities are not allowed to contract with ONE in default.” Story on that later. Meanwhile, for background on that lawsuit click on http://voiceofdetroit.net/2012/07/16/detroiters-sue-city-officials-to-void-consent-agreement-next-hearing-thurs-july-26-9am/.

Where the real crooks are.

DPD! Who Do You Call? DPD! – – A No Struggle, No Development Production! By KennySnod *

Press Release, July 26, 2012 By Joseph Duncan, President DPOA.

Today we stand as united members of Detroit Public Safety (Police, Fire Department, EMS etc., to tell Mayor Bing and Governor Snyder that cuts to our pay and benefits, cut to our retiree benefits, will not be tolerated. This is total disregard of our Labor Contracts.

The Terms of Employment strips workers of their basic right. These Rights have taken over 50 years of collective bargaining to achieve, and it won’t be easily taken…
Citizens of this city will not accept the substandard service that administration has forced them to endure.

No trucks, rigs, no firefighters, no EMS techs.

Closing Police and Fire Stations, reducing service, reducing man/womanpower, places their lives in overwhelming danger from crime and violence…
The citizens of Detroit have reached a boiling point and are demanding they be protected. Public safety workers have reached their breaking point and demand they are demanding they be treated fairly. We took an oath, a promise to protect the citizens of this city and place our lives on the line everyday… Mr. Mayor you have an obligation to keep your word. And, I have every intention to see that promise is kept… This fight, the struggle has just begun! – –

Pension cuts hurt families too.

A No Struggle, No Development Production!

By Kenny Snodgrass, Activist, Photographer, Videographer, Author of           1} From Victimization To Empowerment… www.trafford.com/07-0913  eBook available at www.ebookstore.sony.com
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Detroit residents joined the protest “They say cut back, we say fight back!”

Most of the publicity went to the DPOA, but Detroit firefighters and EMS workers were out in force as well, to protest the shutdown of firehouses as the city burns, and the elimination of EMS rigs, directly causing the deaths of Detroiters. Detroit Firefighters Association officer Teresa Sanderfer is shown with DPOA President Joseph Duncan in video above.

DFFA officer Theresa Sanderfer is interviewed with DPOA President Joseph Duncan behind her.

She told VOD, “We have had to close 15 fire stations and 17 companies. There have been 164 lay-offs and 255 demotions resulting in $15,000 to $25,000 pay cuts. The fire prevention and community relations divisions have been cut.”

Duncan said the DPOA is not threatening to strike, but has filed suit in the State Court of Claims against the contract imposition. A three judge Court of Appeals panel later denied their request for relief, according to the DPOA website.

Detroit firefighters were out in force.



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