Detroit Houses delinquent on property taxes have sunlight turned off.

Detroit houses delinquent on property taxes have sunlight turned off.

The-Beaverton-logo-380px-flagBy Ian MacIntyre

January 22, 2015

Published in U.S.

VOD editor: I know many Detroiters took this satirical article as serious business, and it’s no wonder considering the vicious suffering we have been subjected to at the hands of our fascist Gov. Rick Snyder, EM Kevyn Orr, Bankruptcy Czar Steven Rhodes, and “Mayor” Mike Duggan. But please be aware this is not for real and take some time out to laugh–it’s good for the soul, as we go on about our struggles. Our day will come! VOD would also recommend this Canadian newspaper, The Beaverton, at

DETROIT – In response to non-payment of property taxes, the City of Detroit has undertaken a massive city-wide effort to block sunlight from the homes of its poorest residents.

“They came at 5am to install the sun blocker over my house,” said Marcus Jones. “It was still dark out, so I didn’t notice it until hours later.” Jones then directed reporters to the property boundary of his darkened home, demonstrating how his neighbour still had bright noon hour sunlight.

Bat (resembles Judge Rhodes a little bit)

Bat resembles Bankruptcy Judge Rhodes

Jones lamented, “How am I supposed to get rid of all these bats?”

The massive sun blocking devices are just the latest in the city of Detroit’s plans to recoup millions in lost tax revenue. In some cases entire neighbourhoods have had their light blocked out, while in other cases individual homes have been plunged into darkness.

The sunlight turnoff initiative is the brainchild of Detroit’s emergency manager trustee, Kevyn Orr. “There is no law that guarantees the right to free sunlight. Trust me, we checked,” explained the unilaterally appointed Orr.

Asked whether the cost of blocking the sunlight was greater than the lost revenue, Orr replied, “Certainly, but we’re counting on the costs to be offset by sales of scurvy medication.”

Fighting wolves resemble Republicans and Democrats.

Fighting wolves resemble Republicans and Democrats.

Some have noted that many delinquent payees – notably Detroit’s high-end golf club, Joe Louis arena, and many commercial users – continue to enjoy both free sunlight, and its offshoot benefits like heat and photosynthesis. However, before receiving an explanation for the preferential treatment, these residents have generally been frightened off by the increase in nocturnal wolf activity.

Many residents are beginning to feel the lack of heat. Local labourer Scott Jenkins explained, “It wasn’t so bad at first, when I still had my job at the sun blocker motor plant. But then (Republican Governor) Snyder shipped the whole plant down to Mexico!”

BOA vampireStill, longtime resident Patty Hudson remains defiant regarding the health problems associated with sun blocking: “They tell us lack of sun can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, and depression. Well, I been living in Detroit for 40 years – I already got all of those. They’re gonna have to do better than that to get rid of me.”

At press time Detroit was bracing for a surge in vampire activity, of both the corporate and nosferatu varieties.


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  1. Bernie. says:

    why is ur President doing this and letting this happen. Taking ur water away from u and now taking ur sunlight away from you. This is horrific so it is. I’m sure my so called government here in
    IRELAND will try do the same thing

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