Detroit March for Justice graphWHAT: March for Justice

WHERE: Roosevelt Park, Vernor Hwy, Detroit, MI 48216

WHEN: October 3, 2015 12:00PM

Detroit didn’t just put the world on wheels.

The Motor City created a living wage and made social justice a reality for workers across America. And in a Wall Street economy where justice too often takes a back seat to profit, Detroit is still fighting for a living wage — and for clean air, access to drinking water, and freedom from pollution that is disrupting our climate and threatening our lives.

It’s a fight that touches all of us, every day, but it’s a fight some of our leaders want to ignore.

Here’s something our leaders can’t ignore: thousands of workers, families, doctors, children, teachers, faith leaders, and activists from all walks of life — all marching in the streets of Detroit.

Join the campaign for a state-mandated Detroit referendum vote on the seizure of the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department.

Join the petition campaign for a state-mandated Detroit referendum vote on the seizure of the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department by the GLWA, endorsed by Detroit Active and Retired Employees Association (DAREA), the People’s Water Board, Moratorium Now!, Stand Up Now, We the People of Detroit, and many  more.

Join the March for Justice and bring the fight for justice to the streets. Sign up now!

Join us on October 3 to march in Detroit and tell the world that we need real leadership to help move us forward. We need complete justice. That means housing justice, water justice, environmental justice, worker justice, food justice, social justice, and much more.

To become a partner, receive updates, or organize a group to attend the march, contact or

Detroiters Marching for Justice

Detroiters Marching for Justice


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