Leonard Allan Cure, Georgia exoneree killed by police in traffic stop,

Georgia Feds claim Cure reacted against cop’s tasing of him after traffic stop for speeding, was shot to death.

“Dozens of exonerated clients grapple with ‘an overarching fear that at any moment the cops are going to come’ and take them back to jail or prison.”

By Bill Branham

Proving Innocence

There is a deep sadness one feels when learning about the death of Lenny Cure. Links to news articles are below. While we do not have all of the facts, those within the wrongful conviction community have a gut feeling about the emotional vulnerability of those who have had years of their lives ripped from them unjustly. We know how emotionally fragile exonerees are. For those who cannot make sense out of a situation that resulted in unexplainable deprivation of their freedom, the mere prospect that such a thing could happen again can produce a terror that few of us can imagine.

Mary Cure, mother of Leonard Cure, at press conference called by Atty. Benjamin Crump

One exoneree told me about panic attacks he had leaving a department store headed for his car with his shopping cart filled with items when suddenly the thought entered his mind “What if they think I’m stealing this shopping cart?” Another told me about sitting in a restaurant feeling like everyone is looking at him, the cashier keeping an eye out in case he tries to leave without paying the bill. Any encounter with law enforcement FOR WHATEVER REASON may make a “normal” person apprehensive. We cannot fathom what a wrongfully convicted person feels.

An AP News reporter said, “Miller, who worked to help Cure win freedom, said he’s seen dozens of exonerated clients grapple with “an overarching fear that at any moment the cops are going to come” and take them back to jail or prison.”

AP News reported later, “The family of Leonard Cure, 53, viewed the dash and body camera video before Camden County Sheriff Jim Proctor’s office posted it online. Relatives said they suspect Cure resisted being arrested because of psychological trauma from spending 16 years imprisoned in Florida for an armed robbery he didn’t commit.

Leonard Cure moments before being shot to death by Camden Co. GA Sheriff.

“I believe there were possibly some issues going on, some mental issues with my brother,” Michael Cure said of his slain brother. “I know him quite well. The officer just triggered him, undoubtedly triggered him. It was excitement met with excitement.”

CNN also reported,  “Cure got out of the vehicle at the deputy’s request, the GBI said, and he ‘complied with the officer’s commands until learning that he was under arrest.’

“Cure was stopped because he was driving at least 90 miles per hour in an area where the speed limit was 70, the New York Times reported, citing a sheriff’s department spokesperson.”

I doubt there is a single person reading this who has not been guilty of this exact same “crime” but today you and I are still able to read this article in the comfort of our homes. Lenny is not.

We do not know what prompted the officer to announce to Mr. Cure that he was under arrest. The media release indicates that things were relatively calm and cooperative up until that point. The officer likely would have had no idea how Lenny would react. Could the officer have deescalated the situation? Of course, he could have. Could he have used other non-lethal means of subduing Lenny? Of course, he could have. Not knowing the facts one should refrain from a blanket condemnation of the officer. But even without the facts, one has a deep, deep sadness that this did not have to happen.

Video below shows police car camera recording of the killing of Leonard Cure by a Georgia sheriff’s deputy. Note that the cop tased Cure non-stop until Cure fought back to end the pain, in self-defense.

Georgia sheriff releases video showing a violent struggle before deputy shoots exonerated man | AP News

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  1. Lara Benzie says:

    Thanks so much for your hard work.

  2. Hank Willard says:

    I too spent 12yrs incarcerated completely innocent never having been in any trouble with the law whatsoever my entire life. I know why Lenny reacted defiant being told “you’re under arrest. My biggest fear has always been if ever put in that situation, that I would kill a police officer when triggered, unleashing all the years of pent up anger in a mere few seconds. Everyday I pray before I leave my house not to be targeted by local police for harassment. Rest in peace Lenny. Never again will you be victimized by demonic human beings in this evil world…

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