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ALONG WITH ARNETTA GRABLE AND HERMAN VALLERY, THE PARENTS OF LAMAR GRABLE (now deceased), VOD Editor Diane Bukowski helped lead the Detroit Coalition against Police Brutality from 1996-99 through 2016. Other leaders, now deceased, included Cornell Squires, Sr. and Ron Scott. Many other family members of those killed by police, with long-time activists like Aneb Kgositsile (Gloria House), Marge Parsons and Tijuana Morris at their side, played vital roles in this historic Coalition.

At April 28, 2015 rally for Terrance Kellom, 19, executed by ICE and Detroit police earlier that month, members of the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality: (l to r) Lamar Grable, Jr. with his mother Arnetta Grable Jr., Butch Carrington, Arnetta Grable Sr., Herman Vallery, and Cornell Squires.

The Coalition also worked with the National October 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation. It was strongly supported by the Michigan Citizen newspaper (ceased publication in 2014) with dozens of militant articles. 

Diane Bukowski will also address issues regarding wrongful convictions, mass incarceration, and the Michigan prison system, currently a chief focus of the Voice of Detroit newspaper, which Bukowski founded in 2010.

Family members, attorneys, and other supporters of the three men killed by Serial Killer Kop Eugene Brown from 1996-99 gathered outside the office of Wayne Co. Prosecutor Kym Worthy to demand that charges be filed against Brown. They had just won the disclosure of the Shoulders Report,  by an internal DPD task force. that called for charges to be brought against him. Worthy refused to do so. He later retired after having a college degree paid for by the City of Detroit.

The Voice of Detroit has continued to follow police killings of Detroiters in particular, since its inception in 2010 after the Michigan Citizen fired Bukowski. Put the names in the photo collage below in VOD’s search engine to bring up dozens of stories published since 2010, notably VOD’s unparalleled coverage of the police murder of Aiyana Jones, 7, in 2010.

(L) The family of Aiyana Jones demanded “Justice for the Jones’: Aiyana and father Charles Jones, during a 2012 protest at FMHJ. (R) Aiyana’s grandmother the late Mertilla Jones (holding Aiyana’s photo) spearheaded the family’s fightback against the DPD and biased media coverage. At Arnetta Grable’s invitation, Ms. Jones joined the Oct. 22 Coalition with her.

The mainstream media engaged in a shameful “blame-the-victim” campaign against Aiyana Jones’ family. VOD was the ONLY newspaper to cover each and every hearing in the case in detail, in dozens of stories on the trials of killer kop Joseph  Weekley, and of Aiyana’s father Charles Jones and Chauncey Jones, as well as every aspect of the case.

See summary of each case at: http://voiceofdetroit.net/wp-content/uploads/DETROITERS-KILLED-BY-POLICE-1992-2020-merged.pdf.


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