Prisoners in Lakeland Correctional Facility yard. Charles Lewis has spent 41 years since the age of 17 in this and other Michigan prisons for a crime he did not commit.

Why are Charles Lewis and 246 other juvenile lifers being held for re-sentencing to life without parole, violating U.S. Supreme Court ruling?

Pros. Kym Worthy recommended that Gregory Darren Greene, killer of his four children/stepchildren, and previous wife, serve 45-100 years


November 30, 2017

Charles Lewis today, 58

Charles Lewis at 17

In June of 2012 the United States Supreme Court in Miller v Alabama ruled that life without the possibility of parole for those under eighteen was cruel and unusual punishment and unconstitutional.

On October 17, 2012, Third Judicial Circuit Court Judge Edward Ewell Jr. ruled in People v Charles Lewis that Miller should be applied retroactively. Wayne County Prosecutor, Kym Worthy, waited six months then filed an out of time interlocutory appeal in the Michigan Court of Appeals to block my resentencing. We appealed all the way to the United States Supreme Court and won.

In Lewis v Michigan the US Supreme Court reversed the Michigan Supreme Court. The Michigan Supreme Court reversed the decision of the Michigan Court of Appeals and remanded my case to the trial court for resentencing.

On remand to the trial court my case was mysteriously reassigned to Judge Qiana Denise Lillard. Judge Lillard wasn’t born when I got arrested August 1, 1976. No reason was given for taking the case off of Judge Edward Ewell Jr.’s docket and placing the case on Judge Qiana Denise Lillard’s docket.

Wayne Co. Circuit Court Judge Edward Ewell, Jr.

Judge Qiana Lillard at party/Lillard Facebook 

It should be noted that Judge Edward Ewell Jr was the first Judge in the country to acknowledge and comply with Miller v Alabama.

On October 17, 2012 when Judge Edward Ewell Jr, granted my motion for resentencing Judge Qiana Denise Lillard was an assistant Wayne County Prosecutor. How does a criminal case get reassigned to an ex-prosecutor turned Judge? If you find the answer to that mystery let me know.

Judge Qiana Lillard’s reassignment to my case was a direct violation of MCR 2.003. Can a judge that worked as a prosecutor while your case was being prosecuted be fair and impartial? That is like asking can a fox guard a chicken coop? Kym Worthy requested life without parole for me, Charles Lewis. I’m presently fifty eight years old and I’ve been locked up forty one years. Her reasons for asking for life without parole are unclear. Kym Worthy has never said exactly why she has recommended life without parole for me.

However, Kym Worthy recommended 45 to 100 years for Gregory Darren Green. Gregory Darren Green is currently serving 45 to 100 years for the brutal murder of four children. Gregory Darren Green tied up two small children and gassed them to death. Then he tied up two teenagers and tortured their mother in front of them. He then shot them to death in front of their mother.

Pros. Kym Worthy

Gregory Darren Greene

I forgot to mention that Gregory Darren Green as an adult killed his first wife and went to prison. He committed his last four murders after he was released from prison. Kym Worthy recommended 45 to 100 years for Gregory Darren Green’s fifth murder as an adult.

Here is the contrast between Charles Lewis and Gregory Darren Green.

Forty one years ago I was charged and convicted of committing a murder during an attempted robbery. Fifteen year old Jeffrey Mulligan, sixteen year old Mark Kennedy and sixteen year old Ronald Pettway were all granted immunity from prosecution to testify against me. The three juveniles testified that I shot and killed an off duty police officer during an attempted robbery because I thought that he was reaching for a gun.

Chadney Allen, 19, and Kara Allen, 17, and Koi Green, 5, and sister Kaleigh Green, 4, killed by Gregory Green/Family photos

The slain off duty police officer’s partner testified that he was talking to his partner when he was shot and killed by Leslie Nathaniel. Also, five college students testified that they witnessed the fatal shot that killed the deceased come from Leslie Nathaniel’s white Mark IV.

I recently had a bond hearing. At the hearing Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Thomas Dawson said that I didn’t show any remorse for what I did. I silently wondered to myself if he had any idea why I was locked up. Kym Worthy has recommended life without parole for me because I filed a motion for a sentence that complies with Miller.

In contrast Gregory Darren Green was offered less time for his fifth murder than Kym Worthy offered me, a juvenile lifer. Today two Black women stand between me and freedom, Qiana Denise Lillard and her suspected aunt/ex boss, Kym Worthy stand between me and freedom.

Wayne County juvenile lifers; Worthy has recommended LWOP for that 67 of them.


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