Video above shows Gayle Robinson talking with her oldest child, Kathleen Law, on the phone regarding her objections to being in probate court. Law filed the petition. Video below shows Mrs. Robinson at home actively taking care of her property, exercising on park swings, and walking her beloved dog.

Keith issues order for son Randy Robinson’s arrest if he doesn’t make his mother return

Orders Mrs. Robinson’s brother, who resides in California, to do the same 

Keith has had Rowan illegally evict Randy and his 15-year-old daughter from Mrs. Robinson’s home, despite her wish that they remain

Rowan, 68, has 416 open probate court cases, including conservatorships worth millions of dollars

Says husband John Cavataio, 37, “not involved with organized crime”

Keith may be in line for Chief Judge in wake of Milton Mack’s appointment to State Court Administrator’s Office July 27

By Diane Bukowski

July 30, 2015

Gayle Robinson, 84, at neighborhood park where she takes her dog and  exercises on the swings.

Gayle Robinson, 84, at neighborhood park where she takes her dog and exercises on the swings.

DETROIT – “It’s horrendous, unbelievable, like a nightmare,” Debbie Fox, daughter of Gayle Robinson, said about her mother ’s dealings with Wayne County Probate Court Judge Terrance Keith and his appointed guardian/conservator Mary Rowan.

Mrs. Robinson is 84, and a member of the Montford Point chapter of Marine Corps Veterans, among other activities.

All medical doctors and psychiatrists who have examined Mrs. Robinson have concluded she does not need a guardian and is capable of handling her own affairs.

Fox said actions by Keith and Rowan have “cost Gayle her freedom, her 2003 Escape, her finances of over $27,000 and they are working on marshaling her home of almost 60 years where all her memories of her late husband and son who both died in the home she would like to continue living in are.”

Judge Terrance Keith (center) with his wife at left, and Judge Ruth Carter at right, during 2012 gala event at Detroit Marriott.

On June 17, Mrs. Robinson fled the charmingly appointed home in Westland, where she resided with her son Randy Robinson and granddaughter Lynette, after raising 10 children there with her late husband Russell Robinson, also a veteran. They bought the home in 1956.

She flew to stay with her brother James Brown in California, to avoid being placed by Rowan in a nursing home or other institution.

Rowan attempted to do so without a court order three times earlier. The third time, on September 30, 2014, Rowan’s aide Katie McDonald succeeded essentially in kidnapping her with the aid of Westland police, violating Keith’s July 28 court order that she could not be removed without his written order.

She was held against her will for a total of 10 days, 9 of them in a “geropsychiatric unit” at Botsford Hospital in Royal Oak.

In only available photo of her, Mary Rowan

In only available photo of her, Mary Rowan, seated in blue dress, admonishes this reporter for attending court hearing on Mailauni Williams (r), whose arm she is clutching. Rowan later kidnapped Williams and held her for six months at a location unknown to her mother. Photo: Cornell Squires

“Gayle Robinson has been severely traumatized by this kidnapping and heavily stressed by these probate court proceedings,” Randy wrote in a court pleading asking for Rowan to be removed as guardian, and for Rowan and McDonald to be held in contempt of court. Keith ignored the pleading and instead later held Randy in contempt.

“My brother was arrested and [now] is being held as hostage for the return of Gayle,” Fox said.

“I want Gayle, I want Gayle returned first!” Keith said according to courtroom observers.

Keith’s order (see link below story), implied that Randy Robinson would be indefinitely detained if he and his uncle did not force Mrs. Robinson to return. He gave specific orders to Brown, although Brown resides in another state, and is not in Keith’s jurisdiction.

An earlier charge of “contempt of court” for not showing up when his car broke down, landed Randy in jail for three days.

Gayle Robinson kidnapped from her Westland home of 60 years on Sept. 30, 2014, by Westland police and Rowan aide Katie McDonald, an accountant. The removal violated an earlier order by Judge Keith that Mrs. Robinson not be taken without his court order.

Gayle Robinson kidnapped from her Westland home of 60 years on Sept. 30, 2014, by Westland police and Rowan aide Katie McDonald, an accountant. The removal violated an earlier order by Judge Keith that Mrs. Robinson not be taken without his court order. Mrs. Robinson was held for 10 days, 9 of them in a psychiatric ward at Botsford Hospital, without her consent.

Keith gave Rowan “authority” to evict Randy and Lynette from the home and ordered the locks changed. Such eviction actions are legally handled by district courts. Without any such district court action, Mrs. Robinson’s other children now have access to the house and are throwing out many possessions, according to observers.

Keith barred Randy and Lynnette, and Debbie Fox and members of her marital family from any contact with their mother. Keith also ordered that Randy no longer be allowed to drive his mother’s car, with her permission, to earn a living delivering pizza.

Randy with daughter Lynette, 15, at Amvets event/Facebook. Gayle Robinson has repeatedly told Judge Keith and others involved in her case that she wants them to keep living with her.

Keith earlier gave Mary Rowan the “right” to shut down all Internet websites authored by Randy Robinson about his mother, likely a violation of the First Amendment. VOD obtained the videos on this site from other agency websites which posted them separately.

Rowan has meanwhile seized control of Mrs. Robinson’s home and car, all of her Social Security and pension income, bank accounts, and other financial affairs. She doles out spending money to Mrs. Robinson in small bits at a time, and has not timely paid her bills, according to Randy. This M.O. has been noted in other cases handled by Rowan (see links to stories below.)

It is rumored that Keith may be in line for appointment as Probate Court Chief Judge following former Chief Judge Milton Mack’s appointment to the State Court Administrator Office (SCAO), on July 27. The announcement included special kudoes from Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert P. Young, Jr., known for his right-wing views.

Gayle Robinson at Montford Point Marine Vets Black History Month celebration.

“It looks like when you get old, you don’t have the right to take your own money out of the bank anymore,” Mrs. Robinson told VOD outside Keith’s court during a hearing Dec. 9. “I don’t need a guardian, but I want my brother to be my conservator and I want my son Randy and his daughter Lynette to stay with me.”

At the hearing, she clearly stated to Judge Keith that she does not want the daughter, Kathleen Law, who initiated the probate court proceedings, or other children, including Ricky and Mary Robinson, who admittedly raided her home equity line of credit without her permission, to visit her. She said that before they visit, they must pay her back.

Fox remarked, “My mother says this is like Nazi Germany in World War II. She has no freedom. We can’t get a lawyer to even think about taking this case. They tell us, ‘Forget about it, she’s gone, she’s been declared incompetent.’”

No medical doctor or psychiatrist has ever declared Mrs. Robinson incompetent, incapacitated, or in need of a guardian.

Her family physician, Dr. Mark Richter of Canton, who has seen her for over 20 years, and neuropsychiatrists at Henry Ford Hospital and the Veterans Administrations have provided written reports indicating she is fully capable of performing the activities of daily living on her own. The last report from Dr. Richter was submitted to the court July 6.

Videos below show Gayle Robinson at home after her traumatic ordeal at the psychiatric unit of Botsford Hospital.

But Keith appointed Marlana Geha, who has only a PhD in gerontology, as his “Independent Medical Examiner.” Geha has 171 open cases in Probate Court and acts as a guardian in many.

She concluded that “Ms. Robinson is a person who meets the statutory requirement for the appointment of both a Guardian and a Conservator. Ms. Robinson is diagnosed with Depression and Depressive Disorder. These conditions impede Mrs. Robinson’s ability to adequately collect, protect and marshal her assets . . .[and] to make informed and appropriate medical placement and day to day decisions.”

Marlana Geha, PhD, with Krisanne George at Big Rock Chophouse in Birmingham, 2012.

Marlana Geha, PhD,  (l) with Krisanne George at Big Rock Chophouse in Birmingham, 2012.

But her summary of other reports, most by medical doctors, who supersede “PhD’s” in qualifications, completely contradict her conclusion.

She said Mrs. Robinson took a Mini State Mental Exam at Botsford Hospital.

“Ms. Robinson scored twenty-nine our of a possible thirty points both times placing her in the normal range of cognitive function,” Geha reported.

She said an exam at the VA hospital in 2009 resulted in the conclusion that “Ms. Robinson is capable of independently making her own treatment, financial and personal decisions.”

In June, 2014, Geha reported, the “Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL) Scale (Lawton) was administered [by VA]. Mrs. Robinson, as a result of the answers she provided, scored eight out of a possible eight points, indicting (sic) a high level of independence.”

Mark Richter, M.D. is part of Henry Ford Health System. He has been Mrs. Robinson's doctor for 20 years, according to son Randy.

Mark Richter, M.D. is part of Henry Ford Health System. He has been Mrs. Robinson’s doctor for 20 years, according to son Randy.

Further, Geha reported, “Ms. Robinson was also examined by Dr. Mark Richter, her civilian primary care physician, with respect to her cognitive functioning. In a letter signed by Dr. Richter, reflecting a date of visit of July 29, 2014, he reports that she does not have Dementia and that she has the capacity to make informed decisions regarding personal, medical, legal and financial matters.”

Geha says Dr. Richter also conducted the Mini Mental State Exam, resulting in a score of 28 out of 30 points “denoting normal cognitive functioning.” In a hand-written note attached to his report, Dr. Richter said, “End this nonsense—she doesn’t have dementia.”

Rowan has now forbidden Mrs. Robinson from seeing Dr. Richter without her permission.

Neuropsychological testing at Henry Ford Hospital June 25, 2014, reports Geha, resulted in the conclusion that Mrs. Robinson has “the capacity to make medical, legal and financial decisions.” The doctors there said that depression and psychological stressors may impact this capacity at times.

“Ms. Robinson repeatedly stated during both interviews that she wanted to return to her home of many years to live with her son Randy, and her granddaughter, Lynette,” Geha said of her interviews with Mrs. Robinson at Botsford. “Ms. Robinson stated she missed her dog who she stated was her constant companion.”

She added, “Ms. Robinson repeatedly stated she felt as if she had been kidnapped and further stated she is quite embarrassed by the public scene at her house when she was extracted from her house.”

Headline photo for Debbie Fox's Facebook page.

Headline photo for Debbie Fox’s Facebook page.

Additionally, she reported, “Ms. Robinson stated that she thought her daughter, Kathy, filed to become her Guardian in order to make money.”

Mrs. Robinson’s oldest daughter Kathleen Law originally requested VA’s 2009 exam of her mother, as a “court-related matter.” She claimed her mother was suffering from dementia, after the death of her father the same year.

Law initiated probate court proceedings May 13, 2014, petitioning to become her mother’s guardian and conservator, claiming her mother was “incapacitated.” She is heard in the video at the top of the story discussing the matter with her mother by phone.

Gayle Robinson’s home in Westland is still under her name and that of her deceased husband, according to Wayne County Register of Deeds records. They bought the home in 1956.

Rowan said in her response to an attorney grievance filed by Debbie Fox that the reason for the petition was that Law had not been able to see her mother for one month.

Law’s petition was filed two years after Mrs. Robinson and her son Raymond Robinson, now deceased, initiated an elder abuse complaint with the Westland Police.

The report said that Mrs. Robinson’s children, other than Randy and Debbie, had convinced their parents, to set up a “home equity line of credit,” then took substantial loans from it after their father’s death, without their mother’s consent.

Gayle and Russell Robinson; she met her husband at the age of 17 and joined the Marine Corps to be with

Gayle and Russell Robinson; she met her husband at the age of 17 and joined the Marine Corps to be with him. They were married when they were 20.

This was acknowledged later in Keith’s court. He ordered that visits from those children, including Mary and Ricky Robinson, would not be allowed unless it was shown that they were paying the loans back to their mother on a regular basis.

Instead of Law, Keith appointed Rowan as Mrs. Robinson’s temporary guardian and conservator June 11, 2014. Rowan is an attorney who court records now show has 421 open probate cases of various kinds, including millions of dollars in conservatorships, Rowan and Chief Judge Mack earlier denied that number of open cases.

“As Chief Judge of the Court my authority is limited to administrative matters,” Mack told VOD in a January email regarding the Robinson case. “I have no authority to interfere with the decision-making in cases handled by other judges serving in the Wayne County Probate Court. I do not believe that Ms. Rowan is handling one hundred cases in our Court, much less hundreds.”

Rowan responded to VOD’s question about her abnormally heavy caseload by email last week.

Then Chief Judge Milton Mack (l) celebrating holidays with commonly used Trustee Walter Sakowski at Attorney Geoffrey Fieger's party.

Then Chief Judge Milton Mack (l) celebrating holidays with commonly used Trustee Walter Sakowski at Attorney Geoffrey Fieger’s party. Trustees and other officials are paid out of the ward’s estate, depleting it.

“I have been appointed by the Court, nominated by individuals, families, other attorneys and retained as counsel through the years.  As to the procedure on Court appointments, I am notified by the Court after each appointment is made.  I do have a substantial active case load and have a great staff who assist me.”

She added, “My primary role as guardian is to make decisions and take steps on behalf of Mrs. Robinson that are in her best interest based upon all of the information that I have been provided.

Complaints from some of Rowan’s other wards about her practices to the contrary are detailed in links to stories at the conclusion of this one.

Peter Cavataio, who was affiliated with Detroit organized crime, was killed in a notorious hit in 1985. It is not known if Rowan’s husband John Cavataio is related to that family.

Rowan operates her practice out of her small home at 1303 Nottingham in Grosse Pointe, where she resides with her 37-year-old husband John Cavataio. He operates John Cavataio, Inc. a specialty construction business, according to state records.

Cavataio is related to a Peter Cavataio, about 65. Another Peter Cavataio, known as “The Baker,” was the subject of a well-publicized mob hit in 1985.

VOD asked Ms. Rowan whether her husband plays any role in handling the substantial funds she controls as a conservator, and whether he is associated with organized crime.

She replied, “With respect to your questions regarding my husband and your questions about whether he has any ties to organized crime, no he does not have any.”

She did not address whether her husband is related to the Cavataio family of organized crime repute, and whether he has any role in handling her conservatorship funds.

Rowan said in her response to an attorney grievance filed by Debbie Fox that she and Anna Duba, listed as an LPN and director of Admissions and Case Management at Maple Manor Nursing and Rehab Center in Wayne, Michigan, first visited Mrs. Robinson’s home on June 20, 2014, nine days after Rowan’s appointment as guardian. Their intent was to initiate Mrs. Robinson’s placement in the Center.

Residents over 100 in Maple Manor Center in Wayne, MI celebrate birthdays.

Residents over 100 in Maple Manor Center in Wayne, MI celebrate birthdays.

Mrs. Robinson was not there because Randy had taken her to visit her father’s grave in remembrance of his birthday that day. Rowan alleged she and Duba conducted a high-speed chase at 85 mph as Randy drove his mother from the home, which Randy denies. In any event, neither Rowan nor Duba had any authority to chase the car, especially at 85 mph.

No LPN license for Anna Duba exists on the state Dept. of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs web site. Medicare has cited Maple Manor for some cases of “not honoring a resident’s rights as a resident of the nursing home, free of coercion and reprisal, and as citizens or residents of the United States,” and many cases of fire code violations.

On June 27, Rowan again attempted to see Mrs. Robinson. Randy Robinson says she told him she was there to take his mother, but would not tell him where. He refused her entry.

Randy filed a report with the court stating this was an “illegal attempt to kidnap” his mother. “Rowan tried to force her way into the house illegally, pushing on the door with her hand,” he said.

After more court hearings, during which Keith said July 28th that Mrs. Robinson could not be removed without a court order signed by him, Rowan’s aide Katie McDonald, an accountant, showed up at the house with Westland Police, to take Mrs. Robinson again, during the Sept. 30, 2014 event.

A two hour stand-off occurred, during which Mrs. Robinson repeatedly asked why McDonald and Westland Sgt. Randall Thivierge had no court documents giving them permission to take her. (See video below, filmed by Randy Robinson with some adjustments for effect, such as repetitions of Thivierge’s statement that he did not know where the court papers were.)

Finally worn down, Mrs. Robinson left the house after being told she would be gone only a couple of hours. She was taken to Botsford Hospital in Royal Oak. They would not admit her without a valid court order. Rowan admits that McDonald then took Mrs. Robinson to a hotel to spend the night. On Oct. 1, Randy said, Mrs. Robinson called home to tell him she was “back at Botsford is afraid please come get her.”

When Randy and Debbie went to see their mother there, hospital staff first told them she had never been there, then refused access to them to visit her. Randy filed a petition with the court asking that Rowan be removed as guardian, which was ignored.

After a total of 10 days of Mrs. Robinson’s captivity, Botsford’s Dr. Theodore Ruza reported in her discharge summary that she was “admitted to the geropsychiatric unit on an involuntary basis with the patient and Guardian’s permission.”

Dr. Theodore Ruza of Botsford said Gayle Robinson does not need a guardian.

He had earlier reported that Mrs. Robinson lived alone, had been “paranoid and delusional with her thought content,” and needed assistance with activities of daily living, based on Rowan’s false and/or unfounded statements.

“It should be noted that I feel at this time that the patient does not need a guardian,” he concluded however. “She can assist in making her own decisions. I do feel the patient may benefit from a conservator to monitor her finances.” (Author’s emphasis.) 

Rowan claims reports from Mrs. Robinson’s own doctor and Henry Ford Hospital psychiatrists are “not credible . . .because either Randy and/or Ms. Fox attended these appointments or garnered the reports and were present for all other medical exams of Gayle, making the results highly suspect,” in a response to an attorney grievance filed by Debbie Fox.

Russell and Gayle Robinson family in happier days.

Russell and Gayle Robinson family in happier days. Family photo added by Debbie Fox to her father’s obituary site.

She said Dr. Marlana Geha, subsequently appointed by the court to evaluate Mrs. Robinson, “is a PhD in Gerontology, a degree even higher than a medical doctor,” a blatantly inaccurate statement.

Keith appointed Rowan and Brown as co-guardians and Rowan as full conservator Feb. 4, 2015, with the expectation that Brown would become sole guardian/conservator June 17, 2015. The “consent agreement” gives Mrs. Robinson permission to leave the state with her brother on vacations. It also allows visits by her other children in her home from noon to 9 p.m. without Randy or Debbie present.

During the court hearing Dec. 9, covered by VOD, Judge Keith told Mrs. Robinson it was up to her to decide the circumstances of her other children’s visitation.

He specified that Mary and Ricky Robinson, the children who took loans from their mother’s home equity account, can only visit if they are up-to-date on re-payments.

Below, Mary Robinson discusses financial situation with mother.

Keith denied Randy Robinson’s and Debbie Fox’s objections to the “agreement,” which they said changed what was ordered in court Dec. 9.

On June 15, 2015, Kathleen Law filed a statement in court through her attorneys that alleged, “Jim Brown denies access to Mrs. Robinson as does Randy Robinson and Debbie Fox.” Her mother’s own statements in the video at the top of the story indicate that SHE did not want to visit with any children who put her in probate court.

In written notes, Jim Brown said he asked his sister if she wanted to speak to children who called, and was not willing to force her to do so after she said “No.”

The statement alleges that Randy Robinson “forced” his mother to mow her own lawn. Randy told VOD his mother enjoys doing yard work and remaining active, as shown in his video. The statement also asked that Randy and Lynette be “ousted” from the home.

Chicago Attorney JoAnne Denison

Chicago Attorney JoAnne Denison

It claims that Randy and Debbie are denying Mary Rowan full access to their mother’s accounts as directed by the court.

On June 17, Keith awarded sole guardianship and conservatorship to Rowan, terminating Brown’s role as co-guardian. He also ordered attorney James Ayres to review the guardianship. His report is due Aug. 17, according to court records.

Chicago attorney JoAnne Denison, who authors a blog on probate court abuse, commented with regard to Gayle Robinson’s case, “She is . . . suffering from this trauma of the state and Ms. Mary Rowan, an attorney and professional guardian, trying to steal all her assets and then do the ‘target, isolate, medicate, drain the estate and quietly eliminate and cremate’ scenario we are all too familiar with in the probate division of courts across the nation.”Probate box



#MaryRowan, #TerranceKeith, #ProbateAbuse; #ElderAbuse, #GuardianAbuse, #GayleRobinson

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Westland Sgt. Randall Thivierge had no court.

    Since Thivierge call Mary Rowan’s office in arranged for a wellness check he said bring a wellness order which they didn’t have and he would get my mother examined.

    His police report was sent to me by the grievance board the attorney grievance form Mary Rowan must have known everything that she sent was going to be sent to me.

    Why every time you call the police on this guardianship it said it’s a civil case it’s not criminal we can’t get involved yet this officer Thivierge initiated this whole removal of my mother from her house but it’s a civil case.

    This officer is sense became the deputy chief of police of Westland one of them I’m so ashamed of Westland I contacted the chief of police by mail and by email about this.

    I contacted mayor wild about this this is the same mayor that’s running for Congressman he did nothing!

    No he got to Promotions after I reported him.

    I so hope that you’re so happy with this deputy chief a police but personally I don’t want mayor wild to be our congressman.

    He refused to do anything from my mother.

    And Katie McDonald can’t get her stuff straight about the billing you should see the billing I need the paperwork for the conservatorship attached and it’s a ruling by judge Keith that the gal job is to make sure there’s receipts for everything and they are attached but they’re not.

    The same officer the Deputy Chief of Police perjured himself October 7th in Wayne County Probate Court saying there’s a DVD that says my mother was told they were going to do experiments on her and there is no DVD unless he comes up and edit we have the copy of the DVD.

    This officer is the officer that told my mother if she would get up and dance her little jig and go with them she could come right back and she wouldn’t have to see the rest of the family again and that is why she did go out with him and that’s the only reason

  2. Anonymous says:

    Funny how that person said Gail would never be locked up. She ended up, locked up period three times now.And is in another facility what she does not want to be. And does not have control of her life.

  3. gavinwca says:

    This is court authorized, organized crime to steal the assets of the elderly. When this court finishes with her she will be penniless, and homeless. And it is all, so called legal by a fascist government

    • Lisa Schuld says:

      My daughter is also a wrongfully accused in Judge Terrance Keith of not coming home to us,because of miscarriage of justice appointed corrupt guardian,Attorney and Doctor to make a case against my daughter,than take away, our guardianship for no reason at all,all statements are all falsehood in this case

  4. L.S says:

    Judge Terrance keith let a child be put back in a home that was unsafe for him. I was so disappointed in his decision today he didn’t give me a chance to plead my case which I felt was totally wrong. I had evidence and witnesses and I’m not allowed to appeal nor make another court date for another 90 days. I pray that nothing happens to this child

    • debbie fox says:

      So sorry I do not know the whole story but have seen the same thing in divorce court here us an article about a freeprees article on judge Keith http://www.estateofdenial.com/2012/07/26/more-on-michigan-attorney-facing-contempt-charges-from-barden-estate-case/

    • Katrysh Gomez says:

      Don’t understand this law system Terrance Keith really hurt my family,im not an awful mother my son was having behavior issues home an school. An I’m being tortured the people that he honored the guardianship rights to told lots of lies but cause they had an lawyer an I didn’t I couldn’t show nor prove the truth nor speak really..my son taken away from me instead of him helping us.. I did what I had to do as a single mother to keep my son out of trouble goin to juvenile court they put him in a program to stay out trouble..when u have a child hitting on you,what do you do as a mother i didn’t fight back I went to the system an they turned on me..hurt an depressed thanks judge Terrence Keith for destroying my family!!!

      • Katrysh Gomez says:

        Wishing I could have the opportunity to speak to Mr Keith an explain the truth he’s on the outside looking in an cause the other opponent had a lawyer you listen to them,they lied my son didn’t get C’s an they supported him not being honest to you it was D’s an E’S the problem at home was me fussing not beating on him fussing due to his behavior an disrespect an my son taking from me due to this..if your a parent do you really understand the pain an they keeping my son away from me.

        • Katrysh Gomez says:

          Didn’t know a person babysit your child while you work midnight that’s considering the child living with them.. judge Terrence Keith where your heart..

  5. This wonderful elderly women with her wisdom and compassion has truly had enough, she truly is the only sane one in this fiasco, every one in this has an agenda except the elderly women she worked all her life only to be betrayed by her family and the government. We all need to embrace and love our elderly and respect them.
    I believe the elderly lady at worst was trying to get some attention, the problem is the attention escalated and the true nature of everyone is exposed and all you fools can not see that all you see is the dollar sign. God Bless this elderly women she is the smartest of the bunch.
    PS:Beware of the Scribes

    And in his teaching he said, “Beware of the scribes, who like to walk around in long robes and like greetings in the marketplaces and have the best seats in the synagogues and the places of honor at feasts, who devour widows’ houses and for a pretense make long prayers. They will receive the greater condemnation.”

  6. By Chester J Chalupowski
    The Probate and Family Court Department has jurisdiction over family-related and probate matters such as divorce, paternity, child support, custody, visitation, adoption, termination of parental rights, abuse prevention and wills, estates, trusts, guardianships, conservatorships, and changes of name.
Now the number one illness within the court is money and greed from an untitled individual.
The solution is to remove the number one illness money and greed from an untitled individual.
Abolish probate court and provide a FREE citizens council of mediation and arbitration by the people, for the people, as a benefit to the people WITHOUT LAWYERS, JUDGES ETC.
The aforementioned issues are so critical and emotional to the foundation of our society that unless the money and greed from an untitled individual is removed the consequence will continue to be an involuntarily redistributing of assets, an erosion of public trust in our government to the point of revolution.
A whole 7- trillion dollar industry payed on the backs of our survivors of WWII (10,000 elderly are turning 65 every day in this country due to the baby boom) can be stopped by the people and for the people.
    “I would not put a thief in my mouth to steal my brains.”
― William Shakespeare, Othello
    PS: READ Lynched by Court Order

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am so sorry this is happening to your Mom. This is so evil on so many levels. The Gaslighting alone is so very disturbing. How a child could put their own parent through this is horrendous. I think about how many nights Gayle stayed up rocking all those children to sleep, how many meals she prepared for them, put them through school, and took care of them when they were ill, let alone all of the diapers she changed in her lifetime. All out of love, and yet they treat her this way. They are truly selfish and uncaring.

    Watching the videos, it is clear to me that Gayle is a very strong woman with all of her faculties in place. She has a great mind. It is her very own children, and those uniformed charges that are causing more harm to her emotional state than good. To lie to her about that examination, and that they would bring her back to her home, yet they kidnap her. Uniformed Officers and those charged to serve the community, unbelievable, yet there it is loud and clear recorded for the world to see. Of course she is going to be upset, she is still very capable of taking care of herself. Her civil rights and basic freedoms are being violated by the ones who are supposed to protect those rights. Absolutely reprehensible behavior and should be punished. Something must change and change soon. I would get a television news investigative reporter involved. Have a televised report done on this situation, exposing the local officials who have led this campaign against common human decency. The Squeaky wheel gets the grease. Continue to record everything. Still can not believe the sister, who keeps telling your brother, “Don’t touch me !” as she keeps forcing herself on him. Definitely trying to set a trap. Never be alone with them. I believe she is the same as the one who did the gaslighting. I would say good riddens to that one, as you will have nothing but more pain in your life with that type around.

    Maybe even write a letter to Obama, as he has some connection to your community. Maybe coming from the stance that this could very well happen to his own mother-in-law. Keep up the good fight.

    Now is the time for all of us to become more involved in these issues which will eventually effect our very own lives.

    I wish the best for you and hope that things will work out for Gayle. Her senior years should be filled with many more wonderful memories, not the negative things they are putting her through. Sending positive vibes out to you, your brother and Gayle.

    • debbie fox says:

      article on judge Keith http://www.estateofdenial.com/2012/07/26/more-on-michigan-attorney-facing-contempt-charges-from-barden-estate-case/

      Everything you’ve got orders for my mother she’s now in the hands of the kids that are doing this to her there on the video you have to Kathy Law was a nurse specializing in the same field that uses gas lighting or would of gas lighting in school and they’re all using it she tells my mom I don’t believe Mary stole the money I think you just forgot. Everyone tells her you just don’t remember anything do you and you’ll see the video at the bottom Mary Robinson from Westland who received a check for $45,000 from Linda enter her written from my parents home equity loan before my dad died but after all the charge cards were paid off December 2008. In the video Mary trying to tell our mother that she’s the only one that ever did anything from my parents and she’s the only one that love them and my brother Raymond as she reads from an email in Easter Sunday.

      The $45,000 was for a HUD house mary purchase less than four weeks after getting the check. When you purchase a HUD house you have to tell where you got the money to purchase or money to put down and it tells you you better not lie you better be telling the truth and there’s no way I could wear that anybody purchase a house taking money from their elderly parents home equity loan for $45,000. the only cost 60,000. Both Linda and Mary have committed a crime against HUD admitting her in court on June 10th 2014 to Judge Keith who said he was a banker so he should have known that they committed fraud and he should have reported it!

      gayle appears to be drugged as she knew friends Nov 11 2015 and by Nov 28 2015 she did not know her friends any more while the family had her picketing our American Legion Post telling guest and members not support the post where myself and my Veteran husband belonged! Gayle went to drop to the the ground as she does on arespt.Gayle was caught and stopoed her fall by her rider friends.

      The family knowing there is a no contact order which is unconstitutional easy entrapment or they’re trying to make us in contempt of Court so we can be jailed

  8. Anonymous says:

    This just makes me sick to watch this. How could someone’s Mother be treated this way. Obviously her family was important to her or she would not have so many photos of her family. Just because she is elderly doesn’t mean she cannot take care of herself. The brain washing in the first video is just sickening. How can they try and lock her up, take her home, her money and her right to live a normal life. I can be certain none of the children would want this in their old age too. Leave her alone and let her live a life of her own.

    • debbie fox says:

      Mary Rowan is proud and has made the statement that none of Gayle’s medical records, that make statements like “she can handle her own adfairs and she doesn’t need a guarden” have NOT been entered into evidence still over a year later!

      As a guardian Mary Rowan is held to a higher standard and must by the law of probate do the best for Gayle she hasn’t done anything and no one has done anything to care for Gayle. Gayle continues to care for herself even since the first hearing June 10 2014.

      Anyone that knows Gayle’s records have not been entered into evidence and is proud to say that should be punished by law.

      The right of the ward is if they can afford to have an exam they have the right to pick who will proform the exam to be provided to the court as evidence of their mental ability. No one has the right to prevent this from happening! Not even the guarden/conservator Mary Rowan!
      Probate laws must be reformed! A prisoner has more rights as they are alloud to receive their mail and their own money and the right to a fair triL

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am a person of no relation to this family…. I am here writing to advise that alot of this is lies or it could if all been avoided if debbie Fox and Randy Robinson would have agreed to the court orders…. ms. Gayle Robinsons car is still in her name and she still has full rights to her vehicle… the vehicle has been moved to safe free location so that her son randy robinson could not drive it and rack up mileage and wear and tear on the vehicle… when she returns the vehicle will be returned to her… her house is still and will always be also in her possession… she was never going to be put into a nursing home or other facility… she was only taken to a facilty to be evaluated to see if she was ok to take care of herself…. ms. Robinson only went to California because her son randy robinson and daughter debbie fox convinced her that the other children were going to lock her up… which also was not true… none of this would have ever happened if randy robinson and debbie fox would not allow anyone to see her or to see if she is of sound body and mind… they would not allow the court order health associates check her health…. because of this they had to have the court help….. ms. Gayle robinson is led to believe anything they tell her because she trusts Mr Robinson and Ms fox not to lie to her and will make her believe what ever they want her to… they were able to get her to change her will… they were able to get her to put them on her accounts… the guardian is paying all her bills the bills that were not being paid was because she wasn’t aware of them because mr. Robinson and ms.fox kept them from the guardian…. it wasn’t until the courts gave them permission to enter the house and had to break the locks that they learned the bills we’re under her late husbands name which without the account numbers they could not access.. the locks we’re changed because ms. Fox and mr . Robinson continued to enter the property after the court order prevented them from doing so…. the only reason mr. Robinson was evicted was because he continued to disregard the court orders and refused anyone access including the court appointed guardian…. the judge had no choice but to evict them so that they could make sure ms. Robinson was being taken care of…. after entering the home they found large amounts of food and trash on the carpet and in the rooms so the family has been there with the gaurdian cleaning up the mess so that ms. Robinson can come home to a clean house…. as for mr. Brown he was awarded guardianship after a certain amount of days as course guardian and as long as the rules of the court we’re being followed… again because of Mr Robinson and ms. Fox manipulation he did not follow the court orders so he lost his rights to be a guardian… it is ms. Fox and mr. Robinsons fault that they do not have access to ms Robinson as well as Mr. Robinsons fault that he has bench warrants. If they would have allowed ms. Robinson to be examined and cooperated with the system… they would still be able to visit with ms. Robinson as well as still be able to live in the home.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me

    Anonymous citizen

    • Anonymous says:

      After a year of Gayle living on her own where is she now? No one has seen her!

    • Anonymous says:

      You know a little to much to be some one not involved. Gayle’s six children were not in agreement to have James Brown as a guardian on December 9th.

      The bench warrant in the no contact order is because of retaliation of filing a grievance against their attorney who is Mary Rose

    • Anonymous says:

      You know a little to much to be some one not involved. Gayle’s six children were not in agreement to have James Brown as a guardian on December 9th.

      The bench warrant in the no contact order is because of retaliation of filing a grievance against their attorney who is Mary Rowan.

      Mary Robinson’s current petition states that Gayle is being held it Maple Manor and Venoy in Wayne Michigan period it overflow which means Maple Manor is over their capacity which means it’s a fire hazard.

      Mary Robinson statement says that it’s all about getting Gayle her aid and assistance
      VA Pension so that they can keep her away from Debbie and Randy. And it was suggested by Mary Rowan to watch Gayle 24/7 when she returned from California. And it was not for the welfare of Gayle but to make sure Debbie Fox and Randy Robinson had no contact period that is not a reason for Aid and Assistant​ VA Pension it’s fraud federal fraud. The plans Kathy Law and Mary Robinson do not have plans on returning Gayle home to her home of 61 years full of memories of her only Love Russell. They plan on locking her up on a second floor or higher to keep Debbie Fox and Randy Robinson from looking in her first floor window. Not a reason for a federal pension from the VA.

      These records are public. You can also read the Westland Police report there written by the office​ that was investigating the financial elder abuse case. That officer
      Removed Gayle without a court order from. Judge Keith.

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